Blocks holding you back from health? – Anna McMullen BHSc CM

Sometimes it can be easy to see what our goals are in life, whether health or otherwise. Sometimes the path towards those goals can be a bit more difficult to visualise. Sometimes there may be a sense that something is blocking you from moving forward along that path.

Whether you are struggling with fertility, chronic health conditions or emotional distress there is help available to you. Working in Chinese medicine I treat a wide varieBlocks holding you back from health? - Anna McMullen BHSc CM 3ty of conditions. In many cases, the times we make the most profound shifts are those when the patient and practitioner work together to get to the heart of the issue, to identify and shift any blocks to good health.

What are the blocks in your life, in your mind or in your heart which are holding you back from good health?

Getting to the heart of the issue and clearing any blocks works amazingly well. Old patterns of behaviour, old beliefs which no longer serve can be set aside. Patients move forward in their lives finding things simply fall in to place, making health goals much more achievable.

Using the wisdom of Chinese medicine, simple and effective NLP techniques and a thorough understanding of nutrition and self care, I can help you move past your blocks to achieve exceptional health.

Anna McMullen is an Acupuncturist, Herbalist and NLP Practitioner.
Anna is available Saturday and Monday at Mornington Chinese Medicine. To make an appointment please call 59736886