Healthy Benefits of Tumeric – Jan Pardy Woodcock BHSc (Acupuncture)

Tumeric is the new buzz word and it’s no wonder when you consider the healthy benefits of including it in your diet. The reasons below will give you some idea as to why everyone is talking about it. Tumeric contains curcumin which has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Anticoagulant/Antiplatelet – Curcumin has been shown to slow blood clotting. Care needs to

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Start Your Day Off Right – Simon Altman BHSc (Acu)

Start your day with a cleansing Lemon Water.   The health benefits of drinking citrus fruit flavoured water has existed since the Roman Era.  Citrus fruits such as limes or lemons are loaded with health benefits and are the perfect way to start your day with a focus on maintaining and developing your optimum health.   Warm lemon water is best

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Kombucha for Gut Health – Kerry Mashall Licenced Acupunturist

There has been an explosion of new Kombucha drinks on the market including some delicious refreshing varieties in the MCM fridge. Prior and still Kombucha is made in homes all around the world.  In fact the fermented drink has been around for centuries as a folk remedy and hasn’t gone away.  So there must be something in it that makes people

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