Kombucha for Gut Health – Kerry Mashall Licenced Acupunturist

There has been an explosion of neKombucha for Gut Health - Kerry Mashall Licenced Acupunturist 3w Kombucha drinks on the market including some delicious refreshing varieties in the MCM fridge.

Prior and still Kombucha is made in homes all around the world.  In fact the fermented drink has been around for centuries as a folk remedy and hasn’t gone away.  So there must be something in it that makes people feel good, right?

If you google you can find many health benefits and claims that you start to believe it must be a miracle cure all.  If you dig a little deeper you find there is no research done on humans only some rodents and therefore science dismisses any of the sweeping claims.

Though what we do know is it a fermented product and is rich in probiotics and antioxidants and therefore probably good for your gut bacterior, and right now we are learning so much about the benefits of repairing and improving your digestive health for wellbeing.

Fermeting at home requires a starter kit, obtained from a paleo café or someone who is brewing at home.  You need to get your head around the quantities and equipments needed like stainless steel bowls, glass containers etc then create a hygienic space to prepare it all in.  The brew takes 7 – 10 days and then you need to bottle up and re brew.  It becomes easy once you get the hang of it.

You can experiment with different flavours and different lengths of brew. TIP: If left for 7 days it is sweeter than 10 which is less sweet and slightly more alcoholic.  Yes fermenting Kombucha does produce a trace amount of alcohol, not much but need to know if avoiding alcohol. Drinks sold to the public are legally not allowed to contain over .5% alcohol.

Home brew Kombucha tastes a little like apple cider vinegar.  The magic happens through the SCOBY (Symbiotic colony of bacteria yeast) which looks like a mushroom, sort of!)

A few of us at MCM are brewing so if you need to get your hands on instructions, a starter brew and SCOBY ask your acupuncturist. If home brewing not your thing, just grab one from the fridge on your way out from treatment.


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