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Over the past couple of days we’ve been receiving a lot of messages advising us that other people in Melbourne have decided to stay open during this time so we should too.

We’d like to be really clear about the reasons we are closing. So here they are:

The guidelines from the government state that we are NOT to permit routine care (see below). This includes IVF, fertility and pregnancy. IVF have incredibly strict guidelines right now and we know that if you come to get acupuncture at a time in your cycle that you’re meant to be isolating... your cycle will be cancelled.

The only patients we are permitted to treat are those that would otherwise end up in specialist/emergency care. If you believe you fit into the emergency criteria please call us right away and we will accommodate you.

We are not only closing our doors to protect ourselves and the business from this ginormous fine that, should we receive, will cease our ability to remain afloat... we are closing our doors to protect you. We are aware that patients from other clinics have been fined on the way to their appts.

All of this is very serious. We will not risk our registration, our licenses, our insurance and our jobs at this time. We hope you can understand that.

You know we would love to remain open for you, more than anything. But at the moment, there is a crisis, and we are aware that we are not more important than the health of others. We know what we do is valuable, yes, but we are under no illusion that we are absolutely critical for what is happening. Humility and the ability to take a back seat must come first.

As we mentioned above... if you really are struggling and you believe that you may end up in emergency without a consult... please CALL US RIGHT AWAY. Any time. This doesn’t only mean for physical conditions. This means mental health conditions too.

But for now... based on legal advice, government advice and our desire to remain treating for many more years to come... it’s time for us to sit back and wait. Knowing, 100% that we’re doing the right thing.

As stated by our asscoatioan AACMA, AHPRA & The DHHS that are under Stage 4 lockdown restrictions-

  1. Chinese medicine is considered an essential service as a registered profession and practitioners are able to remain open to treat patients.
  2. No referral is required
  3. Routine care is NOT permitted
  4. Permitted care must only be provided “if the absence of, or delay of this care, would result in a significant change/deterioration in the patient/client’s functional independence necessitating escalation of care.”

What the DHHS provides as guidelines for permitted care:

  1. To avoid a requirement for specialist input/review
  2. To avoid an increase in care needs and/or alternate accommodation 
  3. To avoid a hospital admission or emergency department presentation.




At MCM we ethically facilitate wellbeing through integrative care so that our patients can achieve optimal health.

We do this by creating a Chinese Medicine clinic space that is warm, safe and accepting, where you feel heard, understood and supported. Working as a team to reach your best outcome, whatever this is for you.

We aspire to be a point of call for every member of your family, so now that you've found us... 

Welcome to ours.


Mornington Chinese Medicine Logo

At Mornington Chinese Medicine we have 6 Acupuncturists. These specifically selected practitioners within the clinic work as a cohesive team, with a primary role in providing the care, support & treatment outcomes their client’s require, while educating & encouraging them to strive for greater levels of health & wellness.


We create and maintain a clinic environment full of positive energy, enthusiasm, heart and goodwill, for the ultimate benefit of clients, and practitioners alike.

Acupuncturist - Expert in Fertility & IVF Support

Kirsten Wolfe is the Director, principle acupuncturist and he owner of Mornington Chinese Medicine. She has over 20 years experience in fertility and teaches practitoners in Australia and Internationally in the FERTILE LIFE Method.


Andrea is incredible in the field of women's health, especially PCOS and endometriosis. She is also our resident cosmetic acupuncturist that is a guru at getting to the root cause of acne.


Travis was one of the original founders of MCM, alongside Kirsten. Travis is a master in his field with special skills in musculoskeletal, digestive issues and Shonishin - children's needle free acupuncture.


Kerry, one of our many talented fertility acupuncturists, is also a Birth Attendant and has witnessed over 20 babies enter the world.


Simon has an unparalleled toolbox for managing pain and ongoing injuries. He is also a primary school teacher with an abundance of magic tricks up his sleeve which makes for happy kids and happy parents!


Caz is very talented in the field of women's health amongst many other health concerns. She is a rockstar with women’s health, teen menstural health, general musculoskeletal conditions and mental health.

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