Cancellation Policy


Firstly we want to thank you all for your loyalty, for your commitment to your health journey and your support during these tough few years.  You are the reason we come to work.

Its 2022 and its not business as normal that we hoped it would be.  We fully understand the importance of following guidelines and not attending services when you are unwell, but absorbing multiple cancellations each day for an unknown length of time is just not sustainable

We’ve been super flexible with appointment cancelations over this time. So flexible that some weeks we were taking up to 30 late cancellations and take no cancelation fees.  Now we are seeing an unprecedented number of cancellations sometimes up to 80, which equates to $7,600. For a small business $7,600 is huge. Ginormous. A few people’s wages, invoices for supplements, rent, the cleaner, clean towels. These are all things we could pay with $7,600.

When we send the text message 48 hours prior, we do so, so that you have plenty of time to let us know if you can make it or not. This is to not only protect the business but also to protect our practitioner’s and staff’s income. When you don’t show we are then unable to fill the spot, meaning the practitioner doesn’t get paid. It also means we can’t book a patient in from the waitlist, and someone goes without treatment.

We understand that things happen. We are always more than happy to accommodate a change of appointment time within the same week to avoid a cancellation charge. But from here on out we really need you to know that we will be firmer on taking late cancelation and no-show fees.

Our new policy, that many businesses on the peninsula have now put in place.

No Show fees are charged at full price and cancellation fees will be charged at $50 for all reasons of cancelling, including emergencies, sickness, covid close contact and if you receive a positive test and need to isolate.  Alternatively, we can change your appointment to a telehealth if you are sick and provide you with herbs and supplements to help your recover quickly & lessen your symptoms. Chinese Medicine rocks at that!  We understand things happen that are beyond your control however please understand we can’t continue to absorb the cost of these cancellations.

We also ask if you could put yourself in the person’s shoes that was waiting for a much-needed appointment. An appointment that could have been available if we had 48 hour’s notice to fill it.

We would love it so much if you could work with us, so we can continue providing the best possible care to the quantity of people we are seeing. And we can only continue to do this with help from you ❤️