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We welcome individuals, couples, and members of the LGBTQI community, providing tailored, holistic care that meets the unique needs of each person we serve.

Support Pregnancies with Chinese Medicine and Herbal Medicines

Led by Kirsten Wolfe, our clinic has stood as a cornerstone for fertility care and women’s health for over two decades. Nestled in the heart of the Mornington Peninsula, our practice boasts an exceptional team of experienced practitioners dedicated to providing comprehensive, integrative care for individuals and couples embarking on their fertility journey.

At Mornington Chinese Medicine, we understand that every fertility journey is unique. That’s why we offer an array of specialized services tailored to meet your individual needs. From acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and BBT charting to personalized nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, our dedicated team strives to enhance your overall health and fertility.

THE FERTILE LIFE™ PROGRAM was designed by Kirsten Wolfe who has successfully been supporting people on their fertility journey for over 24 years. It is an accumulation of her study and clinical experience and unique knowledge.

Kirsten lectures World wide, training Acupuncturist in The Fertile Life Method. The Fertile Life Method is a very effective all-natural fertility treatment program for helping people conceive, sustain a full term pregnancy, and deliver a healthy baby.

The treatment methods used by our practitioners at Mornington Chinese Medicine integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine & Western Medicine with an extensive referral network of practitioners, gynaecologist and fertility specialists to enhance reproductive health care, so that our patients have the best odds for conception and pregnancy. 

These programs perfectly complement conventional, assisted reproductive technologies (ART) which include procedures such as in-vitro fertilization for greater chances of success.

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Acupuncture Treatment to Enhance Fertility Outcomes

We approach infertility holistically - our approach to treating infertility is based both on the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and on the solid foundation of western medical science. A diagnosis of infertility by your Gynaecologist helps to define the nature of your infertility. We then take this diagnosis and complement it with the holistic diagnostic techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our treatment plan is then developed from both of these two techniques for diagnosis.

Our Fertility Program provides a course of treatment which includes Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, supplementation of vitamins as required. The program provides both couples and individuals who have been experiencing primary or secondary infertility with a comprehensive program of natural treatment options to conceive and achieve a successful, healthy pregnancy.

We know that many people feel that time is running out. This sense of urgency is understandable but unfortunately often leads to greater levels of stress and paradoxically reduces chances for a successful pregnancy. We understand and we empathize. Our approach differs however, in that we do not try to force a result. Instead we work harmoniously with mind and body to create a more normal equilibrium, conducive for conception.

Our approach can metaphorically be seen as a way to gently turn back the hands of time with regard to an individual's reproductive condition. Attempting to reach this goal will require more than just taking an overnight pill; it will first need a well formulated treatment plan.

The Fertility Program is conducted over a three to eighteen month period. This program was developed to gently but effectively return each client to their individual optimum reproductive state. It is initially conducted over three months in order to maximize the therapeutic changes that are necessary before the body can make the required corrections.

Regulating the Menstrual Cycle

A regular cycle is between 28 to 30 day cycle. When in good health there will be no premenstrual symptoms (PMS, bloating, breast tenderness or period pain) or mid cycle spotting.

Improving the Quality of a Woman's Fertile Mucus

Cervical mucous is extremely important as it aids the sperm to swim into the fallopian tubes. Without it sperm will die before arriving at their destination. Cervical mucous is produced a few days before ovulation so the sperm can be waiting within the fallopian tube when the egg is released.

Regulating Ovulation

Ovulation occurring between days 13-15 is optimal. Acupuncture can help regulate ovulation if you are early or late
in your cycle.

Promoting an Efficient Menstrual Bleed

In traditional Chinese medicine the menstrual bleeding reflects the quality of the uterine lining. This lining appears important for implantation as women with poor endometrial development have an association with IVF failure or recurrent miscarriage.

Chinese medicine aims to increase the thickness and quality of this lining. It does this through promoting corpus luteal function (which in turn produces progesterone) and through its documented action of increasing blood flow to the uterus (Human Reproduction 11:1314-1317). Ideally it is expected that a woman will experience menstrual bleeding for at least
3 to 5 days - fresh red blood with no clots.

Enhancing Egg Development

While the genetic material for a woman's eggs are created when the woman is herself an embryo, the process of the egg maturing comes under the influence of her hormones. Clinically, it also appears possible to influence the integrity of the eggs released following acupuncture treatment. This may be due to increasing the blood supply to the developing follicles or by increasing the nutritional supply to the egg via the fluids that surround and nourish it.

Improving Sperm Quality

Normal sperm count values are currently given as:

  • greater than 20 million sperm per ml
  • greater than 50% of sperm moving vigorously (motility)
  • greater than 14 % with no deformities (morphology).

A population study looking at men's fertility found that those men that succeeded in fathering a child had:

  • greater than 48 million sperm per ml
  • a motility of more than 63%
  • a normal morphology of 12%

***(New England Journal of Medicine 345(19):1388-1393).

This study indicates the importance of men achieving the highest sperm count and motility possible.

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Alcohol around conception and pregnancy – Simon Altman

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The pre-IVF check list

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Understanding PCOS

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The Fertile Heart – Kerry Marshall, Acupuncturist

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International Integrative Chinese Medicine Conference (IICMC) – Kirsten Wolfe, director at MCM and author ‘The Fertile Life Method™’

I am so excited to share that myself and Clare Pyers are running the very 1st International Fertility Conference is Australia.  We are proud to have two IVF specialists speaking as well as international and Australian acupuncturists. The International Integrative Chinese Medicine Conference (IICMC) came about because we decided to join together on a project that inspires unity, support, collaboration, and sharing knowledge

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