Digestive Health Support

At Mornington Chinese Medicine, we believe in enhancing digestive health naturally. Our approach goes beyond just treating symptoms - we focus on addressing the root causes of digestive issues. From herbal medicine to acupuncture, we offer a range of holistic therapies to support your gut health. Our experienced practitioners specialize in Chinese medicine and create personalized treatment plans tailored to your individual needs. With our integrative approach, we aim to restore balance and harmony to your digestive system.

Chinese Medicine for Digestive Wellness on the Mornington Peninsula

At our centre, we understand the benefits of Chinese Medicine therapy in treating digestive disorders. By balancing yin and yang, we can alleviate discomfort and promote overall wellness. Our practitioners are well-versed in traditional Chinese medicine approaches and use acupressure points to improve digestive function. We believe in addressing the underlying imbalances to provide long-lasting relief.

From managing abdominal pain and irritable bowel syndrome to providing relief from acid reflux and heartburn, our team is here to support you. We also offer remedies for constipation and bloating, as well as guidance on managing food intolerances and sensitivities. Our goal is to help you find relief and improve your quality of life.

Restoring gut health is essential for overall well-being, and we are here to guide you on that journey. We understand the gut-brain connection and its impact on mental health. By strengthening your immune system through gut health, we can help alleviate chronic fatigue and low energy levels. Additionally, our team can assist you in promoting healthy weight management through proper digestion.

Achieving long-term digestive wellness requires education and ongoing support. We provide resources on maintaining a healthy gut microbiome and offer sustainable dietary changes for lasting results. Our stress management techniques are designed to support gut health, and we offer regular check-ups to ensure optimal health of your digestive system. We are committed to empowering you to take control of your digestive health.

Holistic Health Care for Digestive Health

At Mornington Chinese Medicine, we integrate traditional and modern approaches to provide comprehensive care. By combining ancient wisdom with modern nutrition, we collaborate with other healthcare professionals to ensure you receive the best possible care. Our goal is to adapt traditional Chinese medicine to suit modern lifestyles and provide effective solutions.

Our mission is to enhance your quality of life through healthy digestion. By improving sleep patterns, boosting energy levels, and enhancing mood and emotional well-being, we aim to promote overall vitality and longevity. As passionate Chinese Medicine practitioners, we are dedicated to providing exceptional care and results. With a convenient location and flexible appointment options, we strive to create a warm and welcoming environment for your healing journey.

Experience the difference at Mornington Chinese Medicine. Take control of your digestive health and embark on a path towards improved well-being. With our commitment to exceptional care and our holistic approach, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Contact Mornington Chinese Medicine to discuss how we can support your gastrointestinal health on (03) 5973 6886 or email at clientcare@morningtonchinesemedicine.com.au

The Importance of Digestion in Chinese Medicine by Travis Clarke

In Chinese medical theory and practice, the role of the digestive function has always been placed at the highest importance when it comes to understanding the healthy functioning of all of the physiology within the body.  The concept of the role of digestion in maintaining our overall health was first extensively detailed in the Chinese medical text called the “Nan Jing”,

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome – What, How and Why? By Scott Stephens

Irritable Bowel Syndrome. With Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) being such a common condition and myself holding a keen interest in gut health I thought I would put together some information on the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach to supporting gastrointestinal imbalance. There is no better time to do this than April which is International Irritable Bowel Syndrome awareness month. Irritable Bowel

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Intermittent Fasting for Clear and Abundant Qi by Travis Clarke

There is currently a lot of attention being directed towards the practice of Intermittent Fasting.  Both medical/scientific investigation, and the health and longevity community are finding many positive outcomes from this lifestyle choice. A recent review article in the “New England Journal of Medicine”, titled “Effects of Intermittent Fasting on Health, Aging and Disease”1 reviews the scientific research currently available on

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Goji Berries – The Sage’s Choice: Dr. Travis Clark (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Hi Guys, Dr. Travis Clarke (TCM) here. Goji berries are one of my favourite superfood snacks.  The nutritional and medicinal power of goji’s is such that they are actually classed as a “Superior Tonic Herb” in the Chinese medical tradition.  According to this tradition, regular consumption of goji is said to lead to a long, vigorous, and happy life.  It is revered for

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Parasites, the stomach & digestive problems, Scott Stephens (Acupuncturist)

Parasites, the stomach and digestive problems.   I thought I would talk about internal parasites a little today. I have had quite a number of patients presenting in clinic over the past few months having been diagnosed with parasites after getting a stool sample conducted.   Two of the most common parasites found are Blastocystis hominis and Dientamoeba Fragilis. Blastocystis hominis

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Christmas Recipe that Won’t Break the Diet! – Lauren Sanderson Young, BHSc (Acupuncture)

We all know that at Christmas time we can have a blow out with food. We have eaten so well up to this point and then . . . just a couple of shortbreads, just some Champagne, just some Christmas pudding, just a little cheese. . .  Before you know it, you are feeling bloated and sore and need a lay

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Summer diet from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective

Summer diet from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Perspective.   According to TCM summer is the season of the big ‘Yang’ and belongs to by the fire element in five element theory. Yang in TCM represents heat and when there is too much heat in the body this heat feeds on body fluids and harms the Yin (which is the cooler,

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Decembeard – Lauren Sanderson Young BHSc (Acupuncture)

    It’s that time of year again, decorations, presents, family, general craziness, but did you know that December is also the time of year to raise awareness and funds for Bowel Cancer research? It’s called ‘Decembeard’ and it’s a whole lot of fun!   In this Country Bowel Cancer is the second biggest Cancer killer and is estimated to represent

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Hot Spring Bathing – Dr Eli Thomas BAppSc (Chinese Medicine)

I recently enjoyed a holiday to Japan where I was introduced to the cultural ritual of onsen, or hot spring bathing, and I fell deeply in love with it for its restorative and health-giving benefits.   There are natural hot spring pools found all over Japan that are open for public or private use, but even in built up areas there

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Healthy Benefits of Tumeric – Jan Pardy Woodcock BHSc (Acupuncture)

Tumeric is the new buzz word and it’s no wonder when you consider the healthy benefits of including it in your diet. The reasons below will give you some idea as to why everyone is talking about it. Tumeric contains curcumin which has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Anticoagulant/Antiplatelet – Curcumin has been shown to slow blood clotting. Care needs to

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Wholefoods On Our Doorstep – Scott Stephens BHSc (Acu)

Wholefoods Melbourne is my local one stop shop for all things good.   The shop offers an array of dry and wet produce with organic and pesticide free options. You can also get your ecofriendly/non- toxic cleaning products as well as bathroom and beauty products such as toothpaste and sunscreen.   Owners Angie and Kris started the business as an online

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Start Your Day Off Right – Simon Altman BHSc (Acu)

Start your day with a cleansing Lemon Water.   The health benefits of drinking citrus fruit flavoured water has existed since the Roman Era.  Citrus fruits such as limes or lemons are loaded with health benefits and are the perfect way to start your day with a focus on maintaining and developing your optimum health.   Warm lemon water is best

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