Tarot Card 5 – The Emporer – by Simon Altman

In our last Tarot blog we looked at The Empress card, this is our mother archetype within the tarot allowing us to progress to the next card, which is the father archetype called The Emperor.


The Emperor is the fifth card out of the 22 Major Arcana cards within the tarot, remember the first card is “0” with the fool, and labelled card number 4.  The Emperor closely flows on from the previous cards in the Major Arcana as the Major Arcana describes our overall cycle of life and spiritual development.  Within the Major Arcana we started out with The Fool and this is the energy of the limitless possibilities that the universe can deliver, this then flows into the Magician allowing us to actively channel this energy into our pursuits. The High Priestess allows the more internal, instinctual or creative qualities to flow through and utilise the active energy from The Magician. The Empress then brings forth this energy into a more feminine dynamic relating to yin, growth and abundance and flows into balance with The Emperor.  Just like the Magician and the High Priestess represent a ying/yang dualistic complementary dynamic, so does The Empress and The Emperor cards.


In the traditional Waite-Smith deck, The Emperor sits on a throne surrounded by rams’ heads, two carved into the arm rests of his throne representing the astrological sign Aries, rules by the planet Mars with his red robes representing the element of fire.  He wears a gold crown to show his authority, carries a sceptre with an ankh in his right hand representing life or his rulership and an orb in his left hand to symbolise the world in his hands with the breadth of his realm.  Behind him is a great mountain range to demonstrate his majesty or aspiration for bigger and greater things.  From a Mystical Qabalistic perspective The Emperor represents the path between Chochmah (Wisdom) and Tiphareth (Glory or Splendour) on the Tree of Life.  Tiphareth is the force that combines the energies from the sephira Chesed (Compassion) and Gevurah (strength or judgement) to balance itself in the glory or splendour, thus the attributes of wisdom or deep thought and this is taken into consideration when giving advice the spectrum that moves from ultimate compassion to severe judgement whilst remaining balanced between the two forces.


The Emperor represents the father figure and a masculine dynamic energy, this is regardless of gender and refers more to the archetypal qualities.  It is about protecting and defending love ones, stability or security and can represent leadership qualities of an individual with a clear vision.  The Emperor can represent a situation bound by rules and regulations, excellent navigating and helping your path through a tricky situation.  The emperor is a straight shooter and will think through a situation giving strategic and sound advice that takes into consideration factors others may not be aware of.  Selecting The Emperor in a reading can indicate success through self-discipline, careful planning or seeking out the advice of knowledgeable experts to navigate through a situation.


Tarot is used within each Esoteric Acupuncture session at Mornington Chinese Medicine with Simon Altman.  He has had the wonderful opportunity to train personally with Dr Mikio Sankey the developer of Esoteric Acupuncture and completed all levels of Esoteric Acupuncture training.  Simon uses tarot as an adjunct to give direction, purpose and meaning to the session as well as Sound Therapy, Reiki and Astrology.  Tarot within the session can be concise, or if there is a specific interest, a longer interpretation can be arranged.



Esoteric Acupuncture is a style of heart centred acupuncture that works on the deeper levels of the body to promote balance and direction in life.  It can be used as maintenance or a tune up and incorporates a more spiritual esoteric acupuncture pattern on the back of the body, then a complementary esoteric acupuncture pattern on the front of the body, which can then be combined with a standard Chinese Medicine to help with core issues.


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