Preventative Health Measures: You Are Not A Passenger by Dr Travis Clarke

You are not a Passenger!

My time practising Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine over the years has revealed many things to me about health, illness and the human condition. The wholistic philosophies and focus of Chinese Medicine is continually being illustrated to me in how many of my patients’ health concerns are exacerbated by factors such as lifestyle, emotional imbalance, weather, living environment, diet to name a few. If there is one thing that I’d like to educate people about, it’s that our health & vitality is not something that happens randomly and is at the will of the gods. We must realise that we are the masters of this, that all the choices we make concerning our lifestyle, diet, environment and emotional state will directly influence our state of health or illness.

Interestingly, Chinese Medicine has been saying this for centuries, and the fundamentals of this healthcare system are grounded in this preventative health philosophy. What’s satisfying to me is that the cutting edge of scientific research into genetics, a field known as epigenetics, is beginning to verify that these seemingly ‘external’ influences on our organism do in fact determine how our genes are expressed. In other words, our lifestyle choices, diet, living environment and emotional state all influence the ‘switching on or off’ of particular genes in our genetic code. It is currently believed that the expression, or not, of our genes determine our state of health, illness, and lifespan. This then tells us that if we make supportive health & lifestyle choices we can directly influence and enhance our health, vitality and longevity. Food for thought.


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