What is moxa therapy?

Many of you may have received moxibustion therapy, a traditional therapy used for over 2000 years in China, during your visits here at Mornington Chinese Medicine. Moxa is a dried plant (Artemisia argyi Folium) that is burnt in small cones and used as a heat source to stimulate acupuncture points. An extremely relaxing and stress reducing treatment, moxa is mostly used in conjunction with acupuncture needle therapy to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. The heat from moxibustion is very penetrating, making it effective for impaired circulation, cold and damp conditions, and yang deficiency. When applied to acupuncture points specific for yang deficiency, the body absorbs the heat into its deepest levels, restoring the body’s yang qi and “life-gate fire,” the source of all heat and energy in the body. Restoring the flow of this natural energy in our bodies not only improves physical health but can also boost our mental health too!

Moxa used at Mornington Chinese Medicine

Moxa used at Mornington Chinese Medicine

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