A FERTILE GARDEN – Kerry Marshall, Licensed Acupuncturist

A fertile garden

I was pottering around my garden not long ago when the spring weather turned and called me outside and I thought it was time to do some replanting.
Now we have had a veggie garden for years and I brag about it but my hubby does most of the work. I help him occasionally, re soiling, potting seedlings, watering etc, it really is an ongoing thing. I decided it was time to really invest in it, as it was something we enjoy doing together and I would like to learn more. One day when I was asking him a million ‘how to’ questions he gave me the ‘google it’ response. I drove off in a huff to Bunnings with my phone and stood in the aisles looking up what fertiliser I needed to revitalise my grapefruit tree and what potting mix I needed for my cucumber seeds. I learnt lots and recognised the effort he really makes.
This was the catalyst for my presence and enthusiasm and since our garden has expanded and thrived, the grapefruit is making a come back and I’m out there every day checking on growth and flicking off bugs. It is relaxing and rewarding especially when the kids are pulling carrots themselves, washing from the tank tap and crunching away whilst playing.

One day while watering and weeding It made me think of couples trying to conceive, many women go to great lengths to change their diet and lifestyle, seek out professional support, track their cycle every day preparing their bodies to receive new life and often carrying the burden of stress. It takes two to make a baby and we know that in couples having trouble conceiving that around 40% is due to male sperm factors. If both partners are in optimal health when the sperm meets the egg the embryo and baby could have a good start to a healthy life.

Sharing responsibilities as a couple can be supportive, rewarding and ultimately fertile. My garden soil was carefully tendered to with the right nutrients and preparation and as a result we have a very abundant seasonal outdoor pantry. A little healthy competition has arisen between us to see how many garden ingredients go into our dinners and the younger ones are learning so much about food and healthy eating. I am really pleased I committed to getting on board.


Feature image by JESSICA K ‘Mrs Bloom’

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A FERTILE GARDEN – Kerry Marshall, Licensed Acupuncturist 1