The Red Tent – Lauren Sanderson-Young BHSc (Acupuncture)

There is one thing that binds us all as women, it has been the same throughout time, and it is something we often shy away from talking about. We, as women, bleed.


For some of us it is once a month, for others its irregular, but it occurs and changes how we are as a functioning women in the world. What we are so often not told is that it is normal for us to feel emotional at different times of our cycle and that it is ok to talk about these feelings. It is ok for us to seek out support from others who may be able to empathise with what we are feeling, offer a shoulder to lean on and just let yourself be heard. But in a busy society, where on earth can we go to achieve this seemingly impossible situation?


Here on the Mornington Peninsula, we have the most wonderful resource, The Red Tent, held once a month at The Vitality Space in Mornington. This beautiful circle of women come together to discuss what it is to ‘be’, and support and encourage one another through each stage of life, no matter where you find yourself on the path. In a society that assumes we can do everything for ourselves, isolated and independent, the Red Tent allows us to remember that no women is an island, that we can learn from our peers and our elders and from the blood that binds us all and enriches our lives and families. No judgement is brought to the circle and it is a safe and confidential space to let go and be embraced. Many places in Melbourne now offer red tents to women and the only age requirement is that you have started menstruating.


There was a time when women lived in villages, surrounded by family and friends, who helped with raising children, understanding different times of a women life, explaining what it was to be strong and supported and connecting with the blood that gives us life. In our modern society full of rushing, schedules, expectations, standards, and the physical disconnect that comes with electronic connectivity, we have mostly lost this gift. We are told it is ok to stop bleeding all together in some cases, or to shun our bleeding, never to discuss it or its impact on our lives. Yet it is the lifeblood that has facilitated all of our births; it is the sacred gift we share as women, the link that binds us to our children, our mothers, our sisters. It carries memory and history, and as such, as women, we need to respect and honour the blood. In doing so we can understand when added help is needed, when our blood is informing us of a health issues occurring right under our nose. If we listen, even when we feel well, our blood will carry the true story.


We will often seek out ways to maintain our health when something feels like it is out. We go to the GP when we are sick, we see our Acupuncturist, Naturopath, Chiropractor and more, but when do we stop and open up about how we feel and how we interact in the world as a women. How often are we truly heard and not judged, but held and supported, and who better to empathise with how we are affected in our modern and cyclical lives than other women?


So if you are looking for support and a great chance to unwind and be yourself once a month, why not think about joining the circle?

The Red Tent - Lauren Sanderson-Young BHSc (Acupuncture) 3

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