A Deeper Connection with your Menstrual Cycle – By Kerry Marshall

I view the world through cycles and rhythms, seasons, tides, moods and abundance. I can adapt to an environment easily and feel emotion deeply. So when it comes to menstrual cycles it makes perfect sense to me that human females ebb and flow with such purpose and transformation each month in their fertile years.  I worked this out early and have embraced my periods but apart from maybe the first year after menarche (first period) I have had a smooth ride. I know from girls and women sharing their gynaecologic health and secrets to me over the years that it has not always been an easy ride for many.

From Menarche to Menopause a female will have around 500 periods.  When not stalled due to pregnancy, breastfeeding or some contraception’s there is a continum of cycles that teach us about who we are, our ancestral maternal line, where our health is at, when to reflect, to shine, to care, be productive, or retreat. So I believe there is an opportunity to listen, ponder, grow and to move through your month in sync with yourself. And if your stuck or unsure or require more knowledge come and have acupuncture weekly through a cycle and I will guide you.

The menstrual cycle is broken down into four phases and like the moon and the seasons one phase cannot come without the other. Once upon a time females did sync their cycles with the moon until we were introduced to artificial light but today, an average cycle is 28 days with the normal being somewhere between 21 to 35. Therefore we can take the waxing and waning  process of the moon and relate it to our cycles even if we are not bleeding on a new moon. Unlike the unfaltering reliable moon phases humans and nature are more effected by environmental factors and need to adapt to stay in balance.


Follicular phase

This is a lush and abundant part of the cycle like spring emerging from a cold winter with hope, vigour and potential. Its time to come out from retreating from your bleed and show yourself. The hormone oestrogen is flowing as your follicles grow with little eggs nourishing inside. One of these eggs will go on to be the front runner and mature with the peaking of hormones. The womb lining is growing in time with the follicles and vagina mucus will be more moist if any. The energy is expansive and creative like how one feels on a sunny spring day. Being with friends and loved ones will feel easy and its a good time to make ideas a reality. If your trying to conceive the excitement of this possibility is gathering momentum.

Ovulation phase

In the light of the full moon the energy is heightened like ovulation. You’re peaking, the hormones are building, the egg is maturing and preparing to release. An egg or a fertilised egg is to then travel through the fallopian tube and arrive safely in a receptive womb. Mucus is most abundant. You shine during this phase, your hair works, people comment that you look good, you feel confident and sexy, your libido is high.  This is when our pheromones are signalling a mate. It lasts for about 5 days so enjoy it. Do what makes your heart sing, be creative, be loving to others and yourself. Think Summer warmth and the energy that brings to be social and have fun.

Luteal phase

Post ovulation your internal temperature rises slightly and the hormone progesterone is dominant. If a fertilised egg has divided while travelling down the fallopian tube the womb lining is ready to receive it. This phase is all intended to protect the womb and potential for life to occur. The cervix is closed and vaginal mucus is dry. No conception can take place in this phase and therefore sexual desire may be minimised. Nutritional focus is key as a consistent healthy diet and lifestyle through the month can prevent any unwanted side effects like moods, food craving and cramps. The luteal phase is likened to the season Autumn, our energy contracting inwards. We naturally go a little introverted and slower after the outgoing ovulation phase. Reflecting on what you would like to leave behind this month is good practice. Try not to over stretch yourself with commitments as a shorter tolerance in mood and energy can be experienced closer to the bleed.


The depth and darkness of a new moon. The bleed is the beginning of a new cycle. This is when progesterone does a steep decline and all hormones are now at a base level.  The body is cleansing, how you have lived in the previous month will be reflected in this bleed. Did you eat well, move your body enough or have any sickness. These can be clues and noted for any changes you can make for the next cycle or what support you may need. The womb is shedding so surrender to it. Don’t overdo it in this phase, our mind and body don’t allow us to function on high speed and its a time for retreating and slowing down. In winter we spend more time resting with slow cooked meals and longer nights for sleeping. Its a time to restore your energy. If you are trying to conceive this can be a time of grief or disappointment. Let those feeling be felt and then cleared away within the days of bleeding.


Knowing your cycle deeply can have many benefits and insights to your health physically and emotionally.   Your periods are around for about 4 decades in an ongoing circular motion until one day they stop and 12 months after this you are in menopause for a day and then you are post menopausal the rest of your life.


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