Pre-conception Health – Kerry Marshall, Licensed Acupuncturist

Why pre-conception health is not just about those two blue lines.


There is so much information on what to do and what not to do to make a baby. I get that it can overwhelming and stressful and this as we know is counter productive to trying to conceive.  What if I told you pre-conception health was not just for conceiving but for a healthy pregnancy, healthy baby and healthy life, would this make a difference?


Women are often very compliant with making changes when trying for a baby, willing to do what it takes. Extra things to do and fit in with an existing busy life or taking pleasures away if it means achieving the goal, pregnancy.


When another period comes the hands go up the wine comes out and I hear the words ‘But I am doing everything!’. 


I know you are.


The time before conceiving is an opportunity to address your health issues, improve your monthly cycle, adjust your food choices to suit your digestion, find happiness in your life right now and live in optimum health.  It is about creating abundance and being ready to receive.  Your egg released this month was recruited three months ago, how you have lived in this time will effect the quality of your egg and if met with willing sperm will have an impact on the health of that embryo and baby’s health.


Why I love supporting women during this time is that the acupuncture and changes made now are not only impacting immediate health benefits, but creating foundations for a future pregnancy and labour, setting you up to grow a healthy baby and avoid complications and interventions as much as possible.  Once baby has arrived you will be grateful for your health and have the knowledge and resources to get back on track to keep your body strong for your family.


Getting healthy for fertility is really being fit and healthy for life but adding folic acid and sex at the right time! There is some advice that suits all but mostly every women and couple trying to conceive will have a unique health picture that requires a plan of treatment and lifestyle changes best for them.


If you feel you need to review your health and fertility please book in and make a start. It doesn’t always mean a big overhaul sometimes the smallest changes can have the biggest impact.

Pre-conception Health - Kerry Marshall, Licensed Acupuncturist 3

Kerry Marshall has been treating fertility patients for over a decade.

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