Kerry’s Winter Garden – Kerry Marshall, Licensed Acupuncturist

Kerry’s winter garden.


What does eating seasonally mean to you?


For me it really made sense when I started growing my own food.  The last couple of years I became more invested in the process and now enjoying the fruits of my labour so to speak. At meal times we count the number of ingredients that came from the back yard, the kids love it and they are learning growing, composting and sustainable living.


Nature offers the food that boosts us in the season and environment it grows.  With the colder weather arriving what better way to boost your immune system than with Vitamin C.  Look at all the citrus trees bursting with fruit at the moment, lemons, grapefruits and oranges in abundance.


I planted a capsicum tree at the end of summer and at the moment the little red beauties just keep growing.  They are small and full of seeds making  them difficult to eat but so full of vitamin C. We got creative and decided to smoke them add a couple of chilies for some heat then blended with a few favorite ingredients, onion, garlic, vinegar, sugar,  salt, pepper and flavours you fancy.  Then hey presto  – a condiment sauce that goes with everything!


If you’re not growing, try shopping at local markets and farm shops and get creative cooking with whats available now is good. It is certainly your first step in preventing sickness and maintaining good health.


Kerry's Winter Garden - Kerry Marshall, Licensed Acupuncturist 1

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