What’s Fun About Feng Shui? – Dr Eli Thomas BAppSc (Chinese Medicine) BAppSc (Human Biology)

What’s Fun About Feng Shui?

Well to start with, it is a way of harnessing the power of your physical environment to support your goals and attract more of what you desire with ease and flow.

It is the opposite of pushing and sweating for success.

Feng Shui does for your environment what acupuncture does for your body. It adds nourishment, strengthens weaknesses, and removes what doesn’t serve you. It recognises the systems that need to work in harmony to create an abundance of flowing energy.

Who doesn’t want more of that?!

Maybe there’s an area of your life where you have felt stuck, blocked, drained, or there is room for improvement. You may have tried activities like meditation, affirmations, goal-setting, or counselling to create inner change. You may have even been on yoga retreats or personal development courses which have really inspired you to grow into a better future…

But, then you come home, and walk back into your life and feel the stuck, blocked, anxious, stressed and ‘ugh’ feelings come flooding back in. Your outer environment is not supporting these new changes and can actually drain your vital energy. You trip over the ‘stuff’ strewn about in the entryway, see a pile of washing that needs doing, the vast array of open tabs on your desktop, start yawning at the lack of fresh air, and think there must be more to life.

Similarly you may have noticed people who seem to have things easily come their way. You might have thought they are just “lucky” and you wish you could be like that too.

This is where Feng Shui can help!

Most schools of Feng Shui use a Ba Gua map to designate areas of your home, for example, to Wealth, Fame, Love, Family, Wellbeing, Children/Creativity, Knowledge, Career, and Travel. Each building also has it’s own energetic imprint which is unique and can be balanced using the principles and help of a Feng Shui consultant for harmony and flow.

Small tweaks in your home, office, car, or other environments can lead to massive shifts in these areas.

There are specific ‘cures’ or ‘remedies’ – like small trinkets you may have seen in Chinatown, fresh plants and flowers, images, symbols or photos, writing down a goal on paper – all of which can be put on display or discreetly placed in the correct location.


1. Identify what it is you are wanting to attract.
Is it a soulmate? A baby? A promotion? A break from your anxiety? Write this down. Take some time to dream into what it will look like, feel like, sound like, even smell like to have it already!

2. Start decluttering.
Start small and be symbolic. Remove anything you don’t need in that area of your life anymore. For example if you want to eat healthier throw out all the expired, boring, or nutritionally-dead food in your house and desk drawer. Just get rid of it. This will make space and create a vacuum that pulls more of what you want into that void. You know the Chinese saying, “Empty your cup”.

Try asking yourself:
– does this thing spark joy?
– does it represent my dream life and what I’m trying to attract?
– is it broken, too old, shabby, or depleting my energy?

3. Add simple remedies to activate the areas of your home.
Well… what remedies? How do I know where to start? Do some more reading. There’s loads of free content online. Or get professional assistance from a Feng Shui consultant. Here at Mornington Chinese Medicine we have used Tracy from A Home with Soul 

What’s Fun About Feng Shui? - Dr Eli Thomas BAppSc (Chinese Medicine) BAppSc (Human Biology) 1

I googled “feng shui for bedroom” and used the tips to completely transform my sleep and relationship. So I know it works! And this has been the inspiration for this blog. Our bedroom used to be filled with my desk, paperwork, to-do lists, electronic devices, random exercise equipment, piles of un-read books, clutter under the bed, and dust from last Spring… I also noticed that my side of the bedroom had loads of space, and my partner only had a tiny sliver to move around in! So EVERYTHING has been moved out except for the bedroom furniture, clothes, lamps, the current books being read, pictures of us as a smiley couple, some trinkets displayed that we truly love, and freshly cleaned surfaces top-to-toe. The weird masks from Bali that were on the wall also no longer stare at us sleeping!! The bed is positioned in the centre of the main wall with equal space on each side.

What changes have I noticed? We now talk to each other instead of to Facebook and debrief our day, we seem to have more of an equal say in the relationship (not me always being the control freak!), the relationships actually ‘matters’ and not just who remembered to get the groceries or reply to the in-laws, it is much easier to clear my mind before sleep, I follow my own advice and put all devices on aeroplane mode overnight, and the last things I see before going to sleep and the first things in the morning are things that make me happy. The first night felt like I was staying at a fancy hotel.

So there you have it – why not have a play and join in the fun of Feng Shui 🙂


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