What’s Your Element? The Five Elements & their Emotions – Eli Thomas BAppSc (Chinese Medicine) BAppSc (Human Biology)

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5elements-bannerThe same energies that are seen in nature and the changing of the seasons can be seen within our bodies and our personalities.
These energies belong to the elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

We each contain all of these five elements within us, but are either born with, or develop a dominant elemental personality type. This becomes both our weakness and our strength in life. It is not “wrong” to find yourself out of balance. It is simply a sign of being human – and a reminder to find balance again.


Spring ~ new beginnings, birth, new growth, pushing up and out

In Balance ~ assertiveness, hope, leadership, optimism, plans, ideas, energy to move forward, easy decision-making, vision for the future

Out of Balance ~ judgement, black&white thinking, anger/irritability, argumentative, acting-in or acting-out, hopelessness/helplessness, depression, lack of assertion, push-over


Summer ~ activity, warmth, movement, growth, celebration, relationships, joy, sense of safety

In Balance ~ fun, social, uplifting, connected, laughter, relaxed, intimacy, excitement

Out of Balance ~ sadness, anxiety, isolation, panic, confusion, hot-headed, closed-off, overly friendly, addiction to caffeine/partying


Late Summer (The transitional pause between Summer and Autumn) ~ harvest, enjoying the fruits of labour, nourishment, stability, grounding, encircling, hom5-elements-symbolse

In Balance ~ compassion, caring, motherly, nurturing, satisfaction, understanding

Out of Balance ~ neediness, resentment, co-dependence, reject sympathy, emptiness



Autumn ~ letting go, enriching, purity, importance, connection to heaven/spirituality/Self

In Balance ~ inspiring, respectful, healthy self-esteem, clarity, knowing

Out of Balance ~ grief, negativity, “sharp” words & put-downs, unbending, perfectionism, disconnection


Winter ~ rest, hibernation, reflection, quiet, flow, the Underworld

In Balance ~ overcome obstacles, power, productivity, driving force

Out of Balance ~ terror, paranoia, “frozen”, burn-out, high adrenals, mania, Shadow aspect.

Knowing our own personality style means we can harness our strengths and appreciate the other personalities surrounding us.
Five Element Acupuncture is a system based on healing these elements, and helps to really nourish this essence of who we are and what we bring to life. It gives us more of “us”.

Eli is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Registered Acupuncturist, Registered Chinese Herbalist, BAppSC (Chinese Medicine), BAppSC (Human Biology), Five Element Acupuncturist and Student Doula.  Eli is available for consult at Mornington Chinese Medicine on Wednesday and Friday 

For bookings please call 59736886

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