Upcoming Spring Acupressure Workshop | Kerry Marshall BHSc (acu) & Doula

Acupressure for birth preparation and labour

A two hour practical hands on workshop for expecting Mums and their birth partners, Doulas and Midwives.acupressure
Facilitated by Kerry Marshall Registered Acupuncturist and Doula

Kerry has been treating pregnant women for over ten years and attending many births in all settings, Private and public hospitals and home births.  She is an advocate for birth choices and educating women on how to prepare both mind and body for birth.
A very recent study printed in the British medical Journal has found that couples attending a weekend antenatal class learning skills to support them through labour has resulted in more natural births with minimal intervention.  A component of the skills learnt was acupressure techniques.

In this workshop Kerry will teach acupressure points that are easy to learn giving you confidence to be able to apply and understanding as to why and how they work.  She will also share some useful tips to partners and women for preparing and during labour and allow time for ‘Ask the Acupuncturist/Doula’ questions.
This is an adjunct workshop to any antenatal classes you are attending.

Workshop planned for October, date to be confirmed. Enquirers please contact Kerry on kerryjomarshall1@gmail.com
Kerry can also teach acupressure in her acupuncture birth preparation sessions booked at MCM