Treating hyperactivity in children | Scott Stephens BHSc (acu), Shonishin therapy acupuncture

Scream-Blowpaint-714x1024-600x860Hyperactivity in children.

An often seen behavior that comes into our clinic is kids that are over excited or stimulated and can’t seem to slow down. Kids are naturally full of life but sometimes factors from the outside world or an imbalance in their system from a Chinese medicine perspective may be the cause of this ‘hyperactive’ state.

Treating these type children with a gentle form of acupuncture which uses tools instead of needles known as ‘Shonishin’, often shows a great calming effect on the child as his or her body comes back into balance. Behavior and sleep patterns are usually quick to return to normal.

Of course all children are different may respond differently to treatment, some may respond quickly while some may take a number of weeks to see benefit. On the first appointment with the child a full diagnosis and treatment plan for the child are established and discussed with the parent. In most cases the parents play a part in the treatment of their child by continuing with simple home treatment and giving gentle Chinese herbs if required.

For hyperactivity Shonishin pediatric acupuncture is a safe and effective way to help children calm down and return to better sleep patterns.

Yours Sincerely, Scott Stephens

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