The Two Week Wait Post Embryo Transfer – Kerry Marshall, Licensed Acupuncturist

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In an IVF cycle each step is a milestone.

Holding on to hope, managing anxiety and waiting for new information until you reach your transfer day. Now you have made it this far whether it day two or day five an embryo (s) is safely in your womb and the potential for implantation and new life has begun.  Off you go for up to two weeks until your pregnancy blood test.  Now is the time to open your heart unfurl and receive your embryo.  Easier said than done, here I share with you ways to support yourself and stay present in the waiting time.

  • BODY

Often I find women hold tension in their body throughout a cycle until transfer day when a big sigh of relief allows them to let go a little.  Being told to relax is probably not going to help but slowly unfurling some stress will.  Try lying down and start to recognise where you are tight in your body, not just your muscles also scan internally through your heart, under your ribs, belly and womb. Take deep breaths and direct them to the areas that are stuck, sore or tight.  Keep the breath there until you feel release.  This may result in discomfort, tears or overwhelming tiredness, allow anything that arises to just be there.  It may be different each time you do it.

I’ve not known another time that women pay such close attention to their inner workings than waiting for a pregnancy result.  Every twinge, pop, tightness and creak is scrutinised as either a positive or negative physical symptom.  Very few really know if implantation has occurred and the body is very misleading when taking the hormone progesterone. Try not to over think symptoms or look anything up on line.

  • MIND

Be mindful of your internal dialogue in this time.  Thoughts about this cycle not working and what the next plan is are common.  It is a way of protecting ourselves from pain or feeling fooled in our own vulnerable positivity. Thinking too much or mussing over pessimistic thoughts can detach us from listening to our heart and being connected to our body.  What is this embryo hearing from you internally, are you thinking about the present moment on its side or planning for the future without it?  Daily meditations either specifically guiding you through IVF or generalised can be very helpful to get you out of you own repetitive thoughts and relieve any fears or anxiety.

Creating your own positive words or mantra to repeat when negative thoughts come up can be a way to change your mindset very quickly.  Try writing down any future plan B you have if this cycle doesn’t work.  Put it away in a drawer or lock it up in your head.  You can access these when the time is right.


Opening yourself up to love, hope and positivity can be super vulnerable.  In Chinese Medicine there is a channel that connects your heart to your womb called the Bao Mai.  This pathway is a way to pour love to your embryo.  By protecting our heart from pain and staying in repeated negative thought patterns or future fears we are cutting off this internal communication.

A way to access the Bao Mai yourself is to rub your hands together until you feel friction and heat.  Place one hand on your heart and one on your womb. Lay still and feel the warmth, great to do if you have any anxiety or fears and to stay in the present moment.


A transfer happens in a clinic but this does not mean you can’t make a romantic day or evening of it.  Be with the person or people you love, create intimacy and tap into your love hormone oxytocin.  Be pampered, treated or take a warm bath and get into bed early.  You know what works for you. For the next two weeks romance yourself.  Do what makes your heart sing guilt free.  Hang out with the people that make you laugh and watch movies that give you happy tears.


I’ve found this advice is individual.  For the busy woman slowing down makes sense but for some moving their bodies reduces stress and improves blood flow. Over exercising can divert blood to limbs instead of the womb and sweating too much can drain the body of precious needed fluids. Keeping life normal and your routine the same is important though moderate appropriately if need be.  A walk on the beach or bush to connect with nature could be a good alternative to the gym and a Yin yoga class more restorative than Ashtanga.

The two week wait is an invitation for your body, heart and mind to receive an embryo. 

There are many factors that come together and still much mystery in conception.

Be kind and compassionate with yourself and remember you are doing the best you can right now.

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