It’s Spring! Time to get ready, get set and GO!

Spring has a great dynamic energy to it. It’s the season of growth and expansiveness. It resonates with the liver, and the liver loves action!

So you may ask, how can I harness this great energy in a positive way in my own life? Well, dear reader, you can channel this energy any darn way you like!

Ready to start a new exercise regime? Hop to it! The liver energy loves a challenge and thrives on movement and physical activity.

Wanting to Spring clean the clutter from your life? Get clearing! The liver loves free flow and movement, especially in the home. Just watch your mood lift as you clear out the crap.

Needing to take charge of your health? Spring is a great time to take stock of your diet and lifestyle. And guess what? The liver has got your back. Detox, baby!

Emotional health in need of a tweak? Blockages in your life can aggravate the liver energy, causing anger, irritability, frustration, low mood and even depression. You got this! Deciding to take charge of your emotional health is a powerful thing. Taking action in your life in some of the ways suggested here can positively impact your emotional health.

Feel like you need a little help? Luckily, Chinese medicine has a lot to offer in helping you get motivated, get healthy and ease emotional disharmony.

So get on in to the clinic for some acupuncture, and you’ll be back to feeling like a superstar in no time ★⋆

Spring is full of dynamic energy!

Spring is full of dynamic energy…  

The liver loves free flow and movement

…and the liver thrives on movement

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