Rosacea, a personal story – Kerry Marshall Licenced Acupuncturist


Stock image of Rosacea

Rosacea is a skin condition mostly affecting the face. The misconception is that it is from drinking too much alcohol, you know the red nose! It actually affects more women than men and mostly after the age of 30 even without any alcohol consumption. The cause is unknown but mostly fair skin folk get it. The symptoms can vary from flushing, redness, bumps and pimples and visible blood vessels.

This year I got a red patch on my cheek, I ignored it for a while and was only when I went to a GP for a sun safe mole check did I get a diagnosis of Rosacea. He gave me a script for antibiotics which I decided to put in a drawer while I investigated my other options. I have treated people with all types of skin disorders so I went about diagnosing myself. Not as easy as you might think. Emotional health, Stress, Diet . Yep I’m not perfect they could all be addressed.



What I adjusted:


Boosting Natural Vitamin C

Digestive health: Reducing and eliminating foods that I know irritate me and can cause inflammation: Sugar, alcohol, coffee, tea, chocolate, gluten etc.

Face creams and makeup: Even though I use organic and natural products some of them are too botanical and not for sensitive skin types.

Exercise: Not enough! Moving my body more frequently to improve circulation.

Looked at my stress and emotional health.


Kombucha home-brew

What I added:

Supplements: Pre and pro biotics, Vit C, brewing Kombucha (that’s another blog!)

Kinesiology: An emotional spring clean.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs:  Reducing inflammation, calming and cooling my system, removing circulation blocks and supporting my digestion.


Progress: improving with severity reducing. It is a stubborn ailment to treat and requires consistency and compliance with above. Positives are it is not getting worse and adjustments to diet and lifestyle have improved my energy and health.

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