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Reinventing the New Years Resolution

Happy 2016!

You may have already made your resolutions or don’t even bother. Many of us make some big ones after an end to the year with tired bodies, full tummy’s and toxins flowing. Exclaiming big changes at a time when summer is in full swing can create high expectations of our selves and when broken a crush of will.

Another way to bring in the year is to set intentions for 2016 or wait till Chinese New year at the start of February and do it then.

Find a quiet space with no distractions and reflect on your past year (sometimes writing can help). Be grateful for all the positive experiences and lessons that appeared and how they have shaped you, your relationships and health. Also reflect on what was not so positive and how this also affected you.

Now the creative part! Where do you see yourself heading this year? Career, fertility, health, relationships, study, relocating, holidaying, sharing, you get the idea. Think big or choose a specific thing you need in your life that will be nourishing. Write them down, close your eyes, breath deeply and visualise yourself in the intention, living the intention. You can take this as deep and you need to go.

During the year you can sit in your quiet space and re read, remind yourself and revisit the intentions. Of course this practice can be introduced into your life anytime not just at the start of the year, like a birthday.

If you really want to get the creative juices flowing make a vision board. Either pin on a pin board or stick to a wall. You can add pictures, drawings, photos, some material etc that inspire you and looks like where you would like to be in your life.


Kerry Marshall
Registered Acupuncturist
Trained Teacher of Natural Fertility Education

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