Pulse Diagnosis

Pulse Diagnosis.


Did you know you have twelve (12) pulses, not just one! Well not actually 12 different pulses, but 12 positions to take the same pulse, six at each wrist.


Each pulse relates to a different body Organ. You have a different pulse position for each of your body Organs eg Stomach, Heart, Liver, Kidney.


There are about 30 different qualities that acupuncturists aspire to learn to recognise. They include fast and slow, thin, wiry, deep, hidden, slippery, empty and may more, each name describing a syndrome in Chinese medicine. You can have different pulse qualities in different positions. The pulse quality often changes within a few seconds of inserting the needle in the right place. As the right treatment progresses, the pulse qualities and strength improve, allowing the acupuncturist to asses from pulse diagnosis if the diagnosis & treatment plan is correct.


What do different Pulse Qualities mean?

A wiry pulse usually indicates pain or tension.

A slow pulse can mean low energy or cold.

A fast pulse can mean fever, excitement, a condition of heat, but also a condition of Empty Heat

A floating pulse can mean you have caught some kind of recent acute disease. Depending on other factors it could instead suggest Yin deficiency

A slippery pulse means you have Dampness or Phlegm, or may not be digesting food properly (it’s called Retention of Food). It can also mean you are pregnant!

An empty pulse often feels quite strong but on deeper pressure it disappears. It means Qi deficiency.


So when I ask to feel pulse during your next appointment, know I’m not checking your blood pressure, but gaining access to a much deeper level of assessment & diagnosis. As your pulse speaks to me through every fine detail of its speed, texture & consistency.


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