Autumn is here and how glorious the consistent warm soft sunshine has been, what a lovely way to transition into a new season.  The air is crisp at sunset and the mornings are darker, a gentle reminder to shift our habits for the cooler weather ahead.

In Chinese Medicine practice the seasons give us an opportunity to strengthen the organs.  In Autumn we look at supporting the Lungs and Large intestine, the pathway for breathing in and letting go.

The Lungs are our great protectors from environment pollutants, bacteria and viruses.  They are our closest organ to the outside world and the air we breathe circulates our body and gives us strength, resilience and life.

Autumn is the time to focus on nourishing our lungs to strengthen our immune defences and protect us from all those symptoms that effect the upper and lower respiratory tracts.  Regular exercise to keep energy circulating, staying warm, resting more as the nights get longer and practicing deep breathing are good ways to improve lung function.

Other ways to nourish and protect the lungs is through good nutrition, choosing foods that are in season and that suite your body type. There are also foods that are particularly good to add for their flavour, temperature or colour that have  healing properties for the body.  Below is a guide to foods that may be worth adding to your shop and trying out in your recipes this Autumn.


*  Pungent  warming flavoured foods, these protect and helps clear the lungs of mucus conditions caused by colds and flus.

Chillies, onions, garlic, ginger, leeks, fennel, turnip. (do not add if you have heat signs in your body)

* Moistening foods for symptoms of dry nose, mouth,  skin, lips, thirst, dry cough.                                                                                                                                    Tofu, tempeh and soy milk, pear, apple, barley, millet and malt rice syrup.

* Dark green and golden orange vegetables rich in beta carotene.  These foods protect the surface of the mucus membranes of the body improving immune functioning.  Chlorophyll also helps to inhibit viruses and help rid the body of  the residues from environmental pollutants.                                                         Carrots, pumpkin, broccoli, parsley, kale and nettles, wheat grass and barley grass.

* Fibre helps cleanse the Lungs and Large intestine, add in your wholegrains, vegetables and fruits.

References: Healing with Wholefood by Paul Pitchford


Carrots for protecting the lungs.