Preparing your body for Labour and Post Natal Nurturing l Kerry Marshall BHSc (acu) & Doula

One of my favourite areas to treat is the time leading up to birth and following up post natally. As a Doula as well as an acupuncturist I feel honoured to be treating women in this precious and exciting time.

Around 34 weeks your midwIf-Your-Baby-is-Breechife or OB will be checking your baby’s position.  After a passive time of growth your baby now starts to engage in preparing for labour by moving into a cephalic (head down) position.  If your baby is Breech this is a good time to book in for some acupuncture and Moxibustion.

Pre birth Acupuncture is recommended weekly from around 36 weeks. Treatment aims to optimise and support the hormone and physical changes that occur building up to labour enabling labour to be more efficient and helping to avoid western intervention. Any uncomfortable symptoms occurring in this time can be addressed as well as aiding in relaxation.  Often women come in saying nothing is happening.  When I ask questions I often find there are many subtle positive signs that pre labour is occurring, recognising this can be reassuring for my patients.
The weeks following birth are recovery and bonding time. I am a fan of ‘Doing the Month’ meaning staying at home as much as possible, eating nourishing foods and allowing your body and hormones to re balance naturally.  Acupuncture can address any complications cleared by your medical practitioner as well as breastfeeding concerns, aches and pains or post natal moods any time post birth.

If all is going well I suggest I suggest a 6 week post birth appointment to follow up.  I always have time for a birth story and very happy holding a baby whilst mum has her treatment.  The acupuncture is encouraging the healing process as well as being a relaxing and nurturing treat for what is often a very demanding time.

Kerry is a Registered Acupuncturist and Doula. 

She is available for appointments at Mornington Chinese Medicine Tuesday and Fridays 9-2.

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