MENS HEALTH – Yang Wilt – An excerpt from “The Fertile Fizz” by Jani White – Sourced by Kerry Marshall Licenced Acupuncturist

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An excerpt from ‘The Fertile FIZZ’ by Jani White.  A book that helps bring the sexy spark back into making babies with some expert advice and wisdom about trying to conceive.

Yang Wilt is the Chinese medicine terminology for low libido, and it does do what is says on the box.  Yang is the outward bursting energy that is opposite to Yin, the gathering inward deep energy.  Most people these days have some sense of the idea of Yin and Yang.  The phrase yang wilt does encapsulate what often happens in our culture.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a growing issue and effects men of many ages, tending to be more significant for men in their forties, fifties and sixties.  Though saying that, the regular/excessive use of alcohol and the effects of recreational drugs, particularly cocaine, does take a significant toll, especially in combination with poor dietary habits, overwork and not enough rest.  Many younger men in their twenties and thirties are struggling with episodic erectile dysfunction relating to drugs, alcohol, and to being over-stressed.

In yang wilt we are more specifically addressing why a man’s yang energy, his thrusting power, may be compromised.  It’s not rocket science, and its not news to all you trying to conceive couples.  The toll that modern life takes depletes our yang energy.  Whether we are male or female, our libido is an expression of our yang energy.  If a women is struggling to feel a vibrant sexual desire, this too might be underthe-fertile-fizz-imagestood in this context of yang wilt, although women are much more complicated than men due to their cyclical fluctuation of hormone rhythms.

Our libido is reliant upon how much reserve energy we hold, and modern life does indeed beat the crap out of our reserves.  It is important in our efforts to improve our fertility that we pay primary attention to conserving our energy so that we can channel that surplus into the dynamic that is our sexual energy.
This is where Chinese medicine diagnosis can really help to improve your reserve energies. Chinese medicine is much more than just acupuncture and herbs, and includes diet and lifestyle advice according to your Chinese constitutional diagnosis.  We can help you to indentify the taxations in your life that are depleting you, and can recommend the remedies that will help replenish your reserves


Image source Jani White (@thejaniwhite) Twitter

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