Make sure you rest in Winter – Scott Stephens (acupuncturist)

Feeling cold and wishing you could just curl up under the covers and rest on these cold, windy winters days? Sometimes I do too, but that’s ok it’s just a normal response to the winter season.

Within the Chinese Medicine framework, it is encouraged that we should live in harmony with the natural cycles of our environment (in the Northern hemisphere ducks flying south for the winter is an example of this). Just like the ducks we should seek the warmth and get some good rest during the winter also. During the wet, cold and darkness of winter the environment encourages us to rest, slow down and keep warm.

From a Yin and Yang perspective winter is Yin in nature; it is wet, cold and dark. This cold and darkness of winter suggests that we slow down and rest. Winter is a perfect time to reflect on our wellbeing, replenish energy and sustain our strength. Resting and building energy for the expanding nature of the springtime is what winter is all about.
Make sure you rest in Winter - Scott Stephens (acupuncturist) 1
The main organ that is susceptible in Winter in the Kidney. The element associated with winter is water and the Kidney is also ruled by the water element. The Kidneys in Chinese Medicine are a vital source of Qi (energy) and need to be nurtured and kept warm during the winter months. Keeping your lower back warm is of great importance in the winter and wearing a singlet during the day and using a heat pack at night as you snuggle up is a great way to keep your Kidney energy protected from the cold. A lot of lower back pain can be associated with the cold weather affecting the back in Chinese Medicine. A good night’s rest and not exercising to excess during winter is also vital to nurture your Kidney energy.
More so than ever during the winter months it is important to sustain and nourish our Kidney Qi (energy). During the cold winter it is a time when if we do not rest and take care of ourselves our Kidneys can become depleted of energy, thus making us more susceptible to things as the common cold.
So, if you are feeling like resting or hibernating like a big old bear it is just our bodies instinctively expressing the fundamental principles of winter – rest, reflection, conservation, and storage.

Go and get some sleep!

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