Keeping your kids healthy naturally

We hope you all had a blissful Easter weekend, and escaped the hustle and bustle for a little while.

As paediatric month at MCM draws to a close and with the change of seasons, we thought we’d focus in on a few of our favourite products for keeping kids healthy and happy naturally.

CATHAY HERBAL KIDS CALM ME DOWN – Ideal for restlessness and irritability. This liquid formula helps to regulate Qi and anxiousness in children 7+ months

METAGENICS GUT CARE FOR KIDS – Supports healthy digestion, and soothes the gut. Suitable for children 1-12

METAGENICS E.N.T IMMUNE CARE FOR KIDS – Helps to prevent and reduce the severity of cold and flu. Relieves excess mucuos in the ear, nose and throat. For children 2+

AND our number 1 pick:

NIN JIOM COUGH SYRUP – Soothing herbal liquid used for the relief of coughs and sore throats. Child friendly taste. Children 3+

All products are free from artificial colours and flavours |
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