It’s ok to ask for help: When fertility obstacles arise | Lauren Sanderson-Young B.HSc Acu

When we decide to have children, we presume that it will be a fairly straight forward process. If we are using any form of contraception we stop, we time when we think ovulation is occurring and we ‘try’. For some people it is that simple. They try for a few months and then, bingo, a viable pregnancy. For others it takes a bit longer and some intervention is needed like a change of diet, or stress reduction. For others still, it feels like trying to move a mountain. Discoveries may be made such as low viable sperm counts, PCOS, Endometriosis and even ‘unexplained’ fertility issues. When this occurs, a fairly straight forward process suddenly involves multiple people, interventions of various kinds, stress and grief. Unfortunately, this is often not discussed when we talk about having babies in society. We often have people ask us ‘When are you going to have kids?’, ‘Aren’t you ready yet?’, ‘You don’t want to wait too long!’, but rarely do we feel we can answer the questions honestly. We are rarely asked ‘Are you ok?’, ‘Is there anything you want to talk about?’, ‘I’m here to listen if you need me’. So it is important to remember that its ok and you do have support.

Many women have difficulty getting pregnant, many have interventions of varying degrees, and it is ok to ask for help. In TCM we speak about the body being in harmony or balance and when it is not, what disharmonies are occurring. Through the use of regular acupuncture, we aim to regain the harmony which in turn allows pregnancy to occur. This may occur spontaneously or be in conjunction with IVF cycles, whatever the individual circumstances and diagnoses are. Treatments also aim to help patients to understand how to take control of their own health. What foods can help or hinder? What can be done other than Acupuncture for stress reduction? Why are certain procedures recommended and what happens in the procedure? In this way, your practitioner also becomes your health advocate and a journey to pregnancy can begin together. Although it is not always a straight forward process, the road to becoming pregnant can be just as rewarding as the pregnancy itself.

Lauren Sanderson-Young LOZ
B.HSc Acu

Lauren will be joining the MCM team as a women’s health and general practitioner from August 2016

She is a member of the Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA) and holds National Registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency (AHPRA)

Consultation days will be Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

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