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International Earth Chakra Day

International Earth Chakra Day (12/1/18) is a new annual event dedicated to the raising of awareness about cosmic consciousness around the world through the notion of the living energy of the Earth and its Chakra system.

Our planet is a beautiful, vibrant and living entity. There has been the understanding that specific locations on the earth are fundamentally sacred and that these sacred sites are linked together by energy circuits that some cultures have called ley lines. These specific sacred sites include Uluru, Stonehenge, Mount Shasta, Himalayan Mountains, the Pyramids and Lake Titicaca.

Visiting these sites to reflect, meditate, ground or conduct a ceremony can help an individual make a stronger connection with the planet. It can help your spiritual identity or development allowing you to connect to the energies surrounding you, locally and globally.

Meditation and connection to the Earth is extremely important for general health, stress levels, anxiety and depression. Regular meditation and mindfulness activities has recently had great scientific studies published showing the benefits of meditation to the human body. Meditation has been used traditionally in many cultures for a wide range of health benefits and general health maintenance.

The 12’th of January was chosen in the lead up to the 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction. The Saturn-Pluto Cycle occurs roughly every 33-38 years and on January 12’th 2020 Saturn conjoins Pluto at 22 degrees Capricorn for a dramatic single pass. With the Sun, Ceres and Mercury within one degree this cycle can have an exceptionally powerful effect during the previous year leading up to the 12th January 2020 and then during the following two years. Pluto being furthest away from the sun has the longest path to travel a full orbit with one circuit taking approximately 248 years.

Whilst International Earth Chakra Day has official events around the world, it is simply a good time to stop, reflect and contemplate anything that is relevant to you at the moment. This can be on your own and does not have to be at an official event or ceremony.

You can meditate on simple things like your direction in life, where are you headed? Is it where you planned to be? What can I do to become more centred or achieve my goals? Or you can broaden your understanding an contemplate more philosophical notions like does the planet have a consciousness? Is there a global consciousness? Are there any aspects in your life that you can change to help raise cosmic consciousness or increase the light in your life?

Using a specific day such as this to re-evaluate and plan your year ahead is a fantastic time to write down your goals, objectives and outcomes you would like for the year. Contemplate where you would like to be and how you can get there. Write down your goals, keep a record that you can revisit throughout the year or compare the next year what goals are underway, completed or need restructuring?

If your path is obscured there are many excellent ways to realign yourself and focus on your direction in life. This can include meditations, rituals or invocations, cleansing baths, massage and healing therapies such as reiki or acupuncture.

There are many styles of acupuncture and one special system is called Esoteric Acupuncture. It is an amazing style that focuses on aligning chakras through specific acupuncture point combinations making up sacred geometrical grids over the body. Through the combination of acupuncture meridians, sacred geometry, the chakras and Qabalistic knowledge it can realign, promote balance and help focus on your spiritual direction in life.

Esoteric Acupuncture is a 90 minute one on one session where you receive a back esoteric acupuncture pattern combined with sound and reiki healing to align the chakras. Followed by a front esoteric acupuncture pattern and energetic pulse balance. After the treatment, a short tarot reading allows for further clarification and archetypes to contemplate the direction in one’s life.

International Earth Chakra Day is a great opportunity for everyone to slow down, stop and contemplate our direction in life. Are we all working towards a common goal, and is that goal benefiting the planet and allowing our consciousness to rise and help mankind? Or are we focused solely on ourselves and immediate surroundings? These questions are great to revisit and work towards what our spiritual purpose on this planet is calling us to complete.

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