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Lessons of the past were told with myths and stories that contained learning of some sort to help us along life’s path. Often these stories were dramatic and full of symbols to help us understand where we came from and how the choices we make affect ourselves and all those around us.


As time went on these lessons became stories of interest to be studied by scholars and nothing more. But if we revisit them, they allow us to understand ourselves in a powerful way, helping improve our mental and emotional health which in turn, heals our physical body. One such story is the Sumerian myth of the Goddess Inanna. Although the myth is powerful to women, it can also hold important lessons for men also.

The goddess is taken to the Underworld thinking she is attending a funeral and is instead killed by her sister, which some believe to be her shadow or dark side. She becomes only a shell, meat hanging on the wall. However, one of the gods helps to save her by sending insects bearing magic and she is reborn, eventually returning to the world alive. After this event her life is forever changed.


Throughout Inanna’s story we can see the lesson of taking time to accept change which has been thrust upon us. She begins the story happy and confident believing she is going about her life with purpose and control. The story teaches us that at any point this can shift leaving us confused and feeling alone. The important thing is that while it takes time for Inanna to re-emerge into the world, she does so with help from others and a re-assessment of what it is to live true to yourself, yet still in service to others. So often in life we need to take the time to listen to the lessons that are being laid at our feet and these lessons are most obvious when change is thrust upon us. Inanna shows us that even in the darkest of times when all seems lost, we can turn things around, often with the help of others.


Inanna also shows us that when it is cold and dark, it is important to take time to contemplate, asses and change what no longer serves us. Winter is the perfect time to do this as our energy is at its quietest and perfect for contemplation and change that will bear fruit in the spring and summer. Now is the time to take on these changes, no matter where they have occurred and turn them to our advantage through our lifestyle and outlook. By embracing the challenges we face as humans, by reaching out and asking for help when it is needed, by taking the time we need to figure out what no longer serves us, we evolve.


When health is all about maintaining balance, these Myths give us a fundamental understanding of how to help ourselves achieve this.


Inanna and lessons for modern health - Lauren Sanderson-Young BHSc (Acupuncture) 3

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