Hormonal Skin: Dreaded Monthly Acne – Eli Thomas BAppSc (Chinese Medicine) BAppSc (Human Biology)

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Do you spend half the month wishing your cramps would end and your face would stop looking like a pizza, and the other half of the month waiting for PMS to be over?! You’re not alone. Although some of us may have been led to believe we’re stuck with this for life, trust me, there are solutions. And the solutions can be found in balancing out your hormonal health.


Your acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist will spend time with you to understand the problems you are having, diagnose your individual skin issue and make a treatment plan with clear recommendations to follow.


Our skin is our largest organ. When blemishes and spots and let’s face it, boils, appear it is a sign there is something more happening under the surface. It is time to look inside to see what is going on…

Diet – Does chocolate cause pimples? Well.. the debate is still going, but chocolate is an oily food and all oily foods in excess will cause yin-dampness in the body, which will manifest in the skin as whiteheads, oiliness, cysts, and blocks the pores leading to blackheads. Simple sugars, dairy foods, hot spices and processed foods will also add dampness and toxic heat into the body. The less of these things you consume, the less your body has to try to eliminate as pus-volcanoes.


Gut Health – The Chinese say your gut health will be reflected in your skin too. So choose a whole-food, low inflammatory diet, with an emphasis on feeding the friendly gut bugs. This means adding fermented foods, a little natural yoghurt, lots of leafy greens, bone broths and in some cases a good quality probiotic. Look for ‘LGG’ or lactobacillus rhamnosus on the label. For some, it will also mean getting any food allergies or intolerances under control. Good news is this will also increase happiness hormones.


Emotions – Ever noticed how some acne looks really ‘angry’? Red, raging, and usually painful too? Often there is an emotional link and dealing with triggers and irritation in the outside world can positively impact your skin. What’s stopping you from looking and feeling like the beautiful soul you are?


Beauty Bag – Anything you are putting on or near your skin may be adding to your issues. Some prescribed or over-the-counter medications, cleaning products, soaps & detergents, airborne pollutants, and of course skin products, make-up & sunscreen are all having an effect on your skin health. You can learn how to choose products that really work to keep your skin looking great. Natural doesn’t always equal safe either, depending on what your own body needs to balance out. I usually recommend brands that follow the K-I-S-S principle. Oh and kissing might help bloodflow too!


Acupuncture – has a direct balancing and regulating effect on your hormonal system, your skin, and your emotions. It will also have your digestion and natural detoxification  pathways working as efficiently as possible. It really does a lot more than this, but that’s for us to master and you to enjoy.


Chinese Herbal Medicine – Your herbalist will mix you up an individualized brew, and it is often based on the famous formula Jia Wei Xiao Yao San (modified Free & Easy Formula). Drinking herbs helps to clear your skin from the inside out. Then you can be free, and life can be easy.


Herbal Topical Creams & Masks – Chinese herbal medicine can also be made into creams and beautifying potions as part of a wholistic approach. They can help you get that extra mile out of your smile.


Sometimes, acne can get worse before it gets better, as your body pushes heat toxins to the surface

and vents it out through the skin. The key here is persistence, and solid trust in your practitioner! Soon enough your fresh, new, glowing and healthy skin will shine through – all. month. long.

Portrait of young beautiful woman with bare shoulders holding a vegetable - parsley, pepper, eggplant, on green background summer nature.

Eli is available for consult at Mornington Chinese Medicine on Wednesday and Friday. For appointments please call (03) 59736886

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