Fight off the Autumn flu, MOXA style | Scott Stephens BHSc (acu)

Scott blog moxaFight off the winter flu…MOXA style

BOY! Autumn has well and truly set in today. With it’s cold chills and icy winds, this cool blast makes for excellent flu breeding territory. HOWEVER, did you know that moxibustion therapy can help to prevent cold and flu from even beginning? Scott tested this out for us today, applying moxibustion to his wrist on a point called LU-9 (lung). A relaxing warming therapy, applying moxa to this particular point helps to tonify the lungs, transforming phlegm and reducing symptoms such as wheezing and coughing. It can also help to clear dry, sore throats.

So…What are you waiting for?? Call us today on 59736886 to stop colds in their tracks

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