Endings and New Beginings – Farewell from Jan and Hello from Tempe

Some big changes are happening at Mornington Chinese Medicine!

It’s the end of an era as we bid farewell to our much loved Jan Pardy who, after 11 years with MCM has decided to start practicing what she preaches and listen to her body! Jan has been an integral part of the team at MCM offering not only a wealth of knowledge and amazing technical skill but also a kind ear, a warm heart and true friendship to everyone that she has worked alongside. Jan will be truly missed but we wish her every happiness and good health as she embarks on the next chapter of life.

Mornington Chinese Medicine are thrilled to report that Tempe Simmons who has been working as a locum for Jan has accepted the opportunity to stay on as a permanent part of our happy team.

Both Jan and Tempe have written lovely messages for our MCM family.

Dear patients and colleagues,Endings and New Beginings - Farewell from Jan and Hello from Tempe 5

After 11 years of packing up my life each week and driving to the Peninsula my body has finally said enough! After taking time off for surgery I realised that I could no longer expect to continue to do this without some unhealthy repercussions. I like to walk my talk and live my life according to the advice I have given you over the years. I would like to say a big thank you to you all for the friendship, lessons, and the experience knowing you has given me. I am very grateful to have had this experience and grown immensely from it. I wish you all well on your journey to health, and parenthood to those on the baby making journey, you’ll get there in the end if you haven’t already! To my colleagues I wish you all a wonderfully fulfilling career, but remember to look after yourselves as we all work very hard to care for our patients. So for now it’s sayonara from me, and please feel free to contact me if you wish.

Jan XX



I wanted to officially introduce myself. My name is Tempe Simmons & I’m an Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine practitioner. Ive been practicing since I graduated in 2008 with my primary practice focus on woman’s health.

Things to know about me:

Despite my name I am not Chinese! This is a common misconception which can throw people.
Endings and New Beginings - Farewell from Jan and Hello from Tempe 6

 I am 31, I have a beautiful cheeky two year old daughter, a very supportive & wonderful husband & a very large golden retriever. Regardless of all this I am commonly questioned on my age & years in practice as I look young for my age. Lets just say it’s been an obstacle in some cases.
Like most TCM practitioners Chinese medicine is not only my day job but my passion. It is an integral part of who I am. Whether I’m treating a patient for fertility or depression my primary value is for my patients to feel understand & supported. This is very important to me when treating.

Joining Mornington :

I have followed Kirsten & her clinic for several years now & have wanted to work with her at Mornington for a long time. So as you can imagine I’m more than thrilled to be officially joining the staff. The thing that strikes me the most about this clinic is that it is a team. Every member, including the receptionists are valued & supported because we are all integral to the practice of the clinic. There is no competition. All practitioners are open & giving with their information so we can all be the best practitioners we can be for our patients. This may seem a small feat but it’s not, & I hope for our patients it instills confidence that they are getting the best care.

Looking forward to working with you!


Tempe will be available for consult at Mornington Chinese Medicine Wednesday and Thursday from 2pm – 8pm.
For Bookings please call (03) 59736886.

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