Eczema in Children – Scott Stephens BHSc (Acu)


Shonishin in action.

Young children often experience some sort of skin complaint during childhood, one of the most common I see in the clinic is eczema. Eczema itself seems to be a term which covers a number of skin complaints that will be unique to the particular child, for example it may have been there from birth or it may have occurred after an illness or it may only be in certain places on the body or cover large areas.


A few of our shonishin tools used for our littlest clients 🙂

The common thread with eczema is that it is very itchy and can drive a child to distraction, making the child feel miserable and often also affects sleep. Scratching of the area can often cause bleeding and further discomfort.

Treating eczema with Shonishin pediatric acupuncture and Tui Na pediatric massage can provide real relief from this annoying condition and in most cases treating the underlying cause of the problem will help heal the skin and correct other health disharmonies the child may have over a course of treatment.

Never heard of Shonishin before? More commonly referred to as pediatric acupuncture, Shonishin is needle free and the techniques used involve rhythmic stroking, rubbing, tapping, and pressing the skin to give different kinds of gentle stimulation. The word Shonishin is derived from the Japanese sho=little, ni=children, shin=needle. This specialized form of treatment for infants and children was developed in the 1700s in the Osaka region of Japan.

At MCM we see wonderful results with Shonishin on our youngest patients. It is a gentle, relaxing and non invasive way to bring balance to children’s bodies and they love it!



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