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The Ear as a Microsystem

The ear is a fantastic microsystem that can be used to effect the whole body.  A microsystem is a region of the body that reflects the entire system, like a hologram.  If you look at the ear you can place the head of the body at the bottom ear lobe, then follow the spine around the curvature of the ear as you go further towards the top until you can eventually place the whole body over the surface of the ear.  This allows a practitioner to specifically target certain areas of the body.

There are numerous instances where ear acupuncture is used as the main treatment.  One of those is the NADA protocol, which is from the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association.  It is a specific set of five ear points used to help people detoxify and treat their withdrawal symptoms.   The NADA protocol can be combined with other body points to treat the individual holistically especially if other areas need attention such as night sweats.

The American Military has even taken on-board ear acupuncture using what they term “Battlefield Acupuncture”.   It is a set of specific ear points designed to alleviate pain whilst a soldier is injured on the field allowing some pain relief to be applied until the injured soldier can make it back to a military hospital.

Ear Acupuncture and Stress

There are some fantastiEar Acupuncturec ear points that can help with stress and depression.  Points such as “Shen Men” or “Spirit Gate” is one of the main ear points that has an impact on the “shen” in Chinese Medicine.  The Shen refers to an aspect of our spirit and when it is in a state of imbalance it is closely related to symptoms of anxiety, depression.

Point Zero is another fantastic point that enhances all other points and is a general regulator of the entire body.  It balances energy levels, hormones and generally helps the body return into a state of homeostasis.

Ear Acupuncture points can be activated in a number of ways.  You can have them needled when you are seeing your acupuncturist, you can press them with your fingernail, use a metal probe to press the right points or simply massage the area that is needed.

A great way to use ear acupuncture with children or adults is to get into the regular habit of massaging your ears from the top to the bottom.   This is also an Educational Kinesiology Brain Gym activity called “Thinking Caps”.   To use your “thinking caps” rub or roll your ears from top to bottom three times.  Children can easily do this in class before attempting stressful activities or tests.  It is a great activity to do for children to help regulate their emotions, calm them down and activate areas that are needed for thinking, work or play.

The Ear Microsystem is a fantastic way to target or get a specific aspect of your body back into a homeostatic state.  It is a great system to use without any side effects and can be beneficial for both adults and children.

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