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Clinical Hypnotherapy with local practitioner, Amanda Gabrielle.


There are many ways to maintain a healthy mind and body to make a positive change in your life.  Often our health is focused primarily on the physical aspects including diet, lifestyle and exercise.  One aspect that can be overlooked is the focus on the more mental and immaterial aspects of our mind including our psyche and behavioural patterns.  There are many modalities or practices that allow us to create a shift into a more balanced state to equally include both the mind and body. These can include things like specific meditations, tai qi, qi gong, NLP or clinical hypnotherapy.


Hypnosis is an amazing therapy that has been proven to be beneficial for many conditions and is excellent for behavioural change. Existing behavioural patterns can include the desire to stop addicting behaviours such as smoking or reducing alcohol, dealing with addictions such as gambling or drug use, focusing on the cause of anxiety or panic attacks, pain management, improving sleep, relationship issues, procrastinating, improving concentration, low self-confidence, increasing exercise or phobias such as the fear of flying, spiders, heights or public speaking.  Once you have made the conscious commitment to make a change, hypnosis can be an extremely efficient method to manifest that intent as a reality.


Through the use of hypnotherapy, it allows us to have a quick means to arrive at a relaxed and focused state of consciousness and the experience can be described as being similar to going into a deep relaxed state of meditation which is already a step in the right direction for a healthy mind.


Once you are in a deeply relaxed state the hypnotherapist can use positive suggestions to help make a change in those specific behaviours.  You can focus on improving success in your career, visualising clear goals or outcomes, improving your concentration and determination allowing you to create a new behavioural pattern that is positive and uplifting to your whole life.


Amanda Gabrielle is a local qualified clinical hypnotherapist and counsellor that provides a holistic integration in her approach to hypnotherapy including the body, mind and spirit to individualise her approach to every client.  She offers a caring, safe and relaxing environment allowing you to be totally comfortable exploring your needs so that you can learn and discover your true potential to make positive changes within your life.


A session with Amanda involves discussing your needs and exploring some of the possible root causes that may be influencing a specific behaviour or situation followed by the amazing clinical hypnotherapy techniques and procedures.   After a session with Amanda, you leave feeling incredible, in a more relaxed state, with a clear intention focused on your goals and the change that hypnosis provides.


Clinical hypnotherapy is a fantastic modality you can use to manifest and make changes within yourself to really flourish, grow and improve your life in a positive way.  This can act as a means to balance your health so that you can equally take care of your mind, body and spirit.


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