Bone broth recipe for fertility

This week we are sharing a nutrient packed bone broth recipe that Jan came across. A doctor of Chinese Medicine and Herbs at Mornington Chinese Medicine Jan strongly believes in the importance of excellent nutrition in restoring your body to its’ optimal state. Working from the inside out, Jan often shares with her patients recipes that can relieve symptoms of illness (all tried and tested by her, of course!). Bone broth in particular is one of Jan’s favourites and something that she sees as an integral component of nutritional health, particularly for women and men trying to conceive. Bone broths contain a whole host of digestive healing and anti-inflammatory properties ideal for preparing the body for conception. While the concept of making the bone broth from scratch might seem tedious, it will most certainly give you the highest quality product available.

This recipe is from the website of Rebecca Wood, whole foods pioneer and diet consultant. In addition to her amazing recipe, Rebecca also includes a list of Chinese herbs that can be added to the broth to boost the nutritional value. We hope you enjoy:

Medicinal Bone Broth Recipe with Chinese Herbs


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