Anna’s Home Made Natural Sugar Scrub Recipe – Anna McMullen BHSc CM

I love this scrub, as it is cheap and easy to make, it keeps well and smells great and most importantly, it works! Excellent for combination, oily or acne prone skin.

The green tea has anti oxidant properties, manuka honey is known for its healing properties, tea tree oil is great as a topical antiseptic and lavender oil in addition to smelling great and helping you feel relaxed, has antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties, and is great for problem skin.


1 tbsp cooled green tea
1 tbsp Manuka honey
Caster sugar
Lavender oil
Tea tree oil
One clean, empty glass jar (I like to use a salsa jar, it’s the perfect shape)


Add green tea and honey to jar, and begin adding sugar slowly mixing as you go. Keep adding sugar until the mixture becomes thick like a scrub. Once you are happy with the consistency, add 10+ drops each of lavender and tea tree oil and mix.

Use on problem skin areas on face and body as needed, no more than once daily.

* Please do a test patch using lavender and tea tree oil before using scrub, in case of skin sensitivity. Omit one or both if you are sensitive or don’t like the smell.

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