“Now more than ever people of all ages are experiencing higher levels of stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, digestive upsets, infertility, hormonal dysfunction, weight-gain, skin disorders and inflammatory autoimmune conditions. These issues can be overcome with Chinese Medicine”


Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Registered Acupuncturist (Dip Acu)

Nicci welcomes you to explore the many ways Chinese Medicine may heal your imbalances and health concerns or to simply amplify your vitality and exuberance for life. Utilising tongue and pulse analysis, her fastidious investigative skills and willingness to listen openly, Nicci will identify the root cause of your meridian, channel or organ imbalance.

Once the area of dis-ease is established, Nicci will prescribe an individualised traditional Chinese medicine treatment plan which may include Acupuncture, Cupping, Ancient Herbal Medicine, Moxibustion, Tui Na (Chinese Massage), Diet and Lifestyle advice to restore function where it has been impeded.

Nicci’s clinical interests include: Gynaecology, Couples Fertility health, post-partum recovery and family health. Having used the power of Chinese Medicine from age 18, throughout key periods of adolescence, pre/post pregnancy and raising her children has driven Nicci to further study in these areas.

Nicci was awarded the Bachelor of Health Science in Chinese Medicine from SSNT (Southern School of Natural Therapies) and recently completed ‘The Fertile Life Method’ with Dr Kirsten Wolfe. This method addresses the rise in infertility and how Chinese Medicine can play an important role in conception and pregnancy. Nicci is thrilled to be able to support couples through their journey to a viable pregnancy.

Natural wellness is a major focus in Nicci’s life. Her clients, family and friends often request diet and natural alternatives, seeking her advice to solve health concerns where no Western Medicine answers have been presented. Raising her own children with the philosophy of Food as Medicine and eating according to the seasons has assisted Nicci in empowering other families with knowledge to inspire growing minds of the importance of the gut-brain connection for vital health – including hormonal and emotional stability through puberty. Nicci understands this can be a challenging time for young people and their families and will tailor make herbal teas to ensure a smooth transition without wild hormonal fluctuations when tweens turn into teens.

Professional Association

  • CMBA: Chinese Medicine Board of Australia
  • AACMA: Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association


Friday 2-8pm