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The lie most, if not all of my fertility patients have been sold…. by Cath Brown – Dr of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncturist

The egg timer test, as its commonly touted & even promoted by IVF clinics & Fertility specialists to my dismay is accurately named the Anti-Mullerian Hormone test or AMH. To understand this test further lets understand your ovarian function first. An ovarian follicle is a fluid-filled sac that contains an immature egg, or oocyte. During […]

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The Two Week Wait Post Embryo Transfer – Kerry Marshall, Licensed Acupuncturist

THE TWO WEEK WAIT POST EMBRYO TRANSFER In an IVF cycle each step is a milestone. Holding on to hope, managing anxiety and waiting for new information until you reach your transfer day. Now you have made it this far whether it day two or day five an embryo (s) is safely in your womb and the […]

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International Integrative Chinese Medicine Conference (IICMC) – Kirsten Wolfe, director at MCM and author ‘The Fertile Life Method™’

I am so excited to share that myself and Clare Pyers are running the very 1st International Fertility Conference is Australia.  We are proud to have two IVF specialists speaking as well as international and Australian acupuncturists. The International Integrative Chinese Medicine Conference (IICMC) came about because we decided to join together on a project that inspires […]

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