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Endometriosis diagnosis – East meets West – Tempe Simmons, BA(Chinese Medicine & Herbs)

Endometriosis – what’s going on in both conventional & Chinese medical terms. Endometriosis is a western medical term for the presence of endometrial tissue growing outside the uterus. It commonly involves the lining of the pelvis, ovaries, fallopian tubes and in some cases, the bowel. This tissue can thicken and bleed, often causing pain and […]

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A Teenage Girl’s Guide to Happy Hormones: Part 1: Nutrition and Acne – Andrea Murphy, Licensed Acupuncturist

A Teenage Girl’s Guide to Happy Hormones: From Nutrition to Periods and Everything in Between.   Part 1: Nutrition and Acne   The teenage years can be a tricky time for many young women. Hormonal surges can be intense as your body finds its groove, all while studying, navigating relationships and your responsibilities at home. […]

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