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Tarot Explained: The Empress Card – Simon Altman, BHSc (Acupuncture) & Esoteric Acupuncturist

  Tarot Card 4 – The Empress. In this blog we are exploring one of my favourite Tarot cards The Empress, which is an appropriate card for Mornington Chinese Medicine as she is one of the main cards representing fertility, the mother, abundance, living life to the fullest, feminine power, pregnancy and love.   We […]

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Tarot Explained: The Magician, Major Arcana Card – Simon Altman, BHSc (Acupuncture) and Esoteric acupuncturist

  The Magician   In our previous post we looked at the first Major Arcana Tarot card, numbered 0, The Fool.  The Fool represented the first step in the beginning of a new journey or cycle in life.  This is then followed by The Magician, numbered as card 1 and is the second card in […]

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The Tarot – Simon Altman BHSc (Acu)

  This month when we were asked to write about something we were passionate about, I initially was thinking about topics specifically related to acupuncture.  However, Tarot is something I have been passionate about after purchasing my first Tarot deck when I was a teenager.  Many years later, after completing my acupuncture qualification and then […]

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