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Insomnia – Gift Yourself a Full Nights Sleep Again – by Scott Stephens

A sleepless night is something we have all experienced. Often, they occur when our routine is thrown out of whack. Perhaps we are sleeping somewhere unfamiliar or we have eaten a particularly rich meal or overindulged too much. Most commonly the sleepless nights are a result of the mind racing from over-excitement or stress. Even […]

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Adrenal fatigue

Preserving Your Vitality: Lessons Learnt from Adrenal Fatigue – by Andrea Murphy

We’ve all heard the term “adrenal fatigue” thrown around a lot in the health world. It’s not exactly an accurate all-encompassing label for what it’s referring to, but the expression has stuck, and it seems here to stay. Simply put, it’s a way to describe when your battery has run out and you’re running on […]

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intermittent fasting

Intermittent Fasting for Clear and Abundant Qi by Travis Clarke

There is currently a lot of attention being directed towards the practice of Intermittent Fasting.  Both medical/scientific investigation, and the health and longevity community are finding many positive outcomes from this lifestyle choice. A recent review article in the “New England Journal of Medicine”, titled “Effects of Intermittent Fasting on Health, Aging and Disease”1 reviews […]

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Summer – Understanding a TCM perspective. By Scott Stephens, Acupuncturist

Summer is on its way. The lengthening of the late afternoon sunlight and the warmth in the morning air signalling it’s approach. The days are full of the pre-Christmas hustle. The buzz of social activities and a sense of celebration gives fuel to the upbeat Yang dynamic that marks this next change of season. It’s easy […]

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Chinese Face Reading

Chinese Face Reading by Andrea Murphy, Registered Acpuncturist

 Chinese Face Reading: An Ancient Guide to Your Skin Face reading is an ancient Chinese technique that goes back thousands of years. Originally a Taoist practice that involved assessing a person’s Qi flow (life force), Jing (inherited constitution/DNA) and Shen (spirit), known as the Three Treasures. Along with palpation, pulse, tongue and smell ancient practitioners were […]

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