We love to give back so for a limited time we are offering all of the resources below free of charge!

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Resources 5

In this E-book we cover the basics of eating for a healthy, fertile body for both you and your partner. Our basic guidelines educate you on the body and its functioning, how to consume mindfully for our planet and we also include some recipes crafted in our very own kitchen. We hope this resource inspires you to try new things and be the very best version of yourself.

Fertile Life Method

For a limited time we are offering Kirsten Wolfe's Fertile Life E-book for free.

No need to Dr. Google... This E-book is an invaluable resource for any couple trying to conceive. It covers lifestyle factors, male/female fertility, ovulation, BBT charting, health conditions and how to optimise your chances of conceiving both naturally and through IVF. 

Resources 6

If you're looking for a BBT Charting template in hard-copy look no further. This is our very own easy-to-read chart that's so simple you'll have no problems even if this is your very first time charting. Print off this template each month and bring it into your practitioner to assess.

Experts in Integrative Care

At Mornington Chinese Medicine we have 9 Acupuncturists. These specifically selected practitioners within the clinic work as a cohesive team, with a primary role in providing the care, support & treatment outcomes their client’s require, while educating & encouraging them to strive for greater levels of health & wellness.

Integrative Care

At Mornington Chinese Medicine we are experts in the field of integrative care. We work collaboratively with Western Medicine to bring you the best of both.

Our Values

  • Providing all members of our community with the highest quality complementary medical healthcare, in a compassionate, caring and supportive manner.
  • Endeavouring, at all times, to help individuals understand and learn more about their health & wellbeing, and providing the care & support needed to empower people to take charge of their lives, in an effort to reach greater levels of wellness & life satisfaction.
  • Delivering this service with the utmost professionalism and striving to integrate our services with other healthcare providers within our community.
  • Actively promote the profile of Chinese Medicine throughout conventional medical/healthcare circles and the wider community, providing individuals with more choice and control over their health & wellbeing.
  • Create and maintain a clinic environment full of positive energy, enthusiasm and goodwill, for the ultimate benefit of clients, and practitioners alike.