“I am dedicated to creating a space where clients feel valued, heard and supported..”


Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Registered Acupuncturist, Herbalist (B.HSc) & Shiatsu therapist

Fertility & Women's Health | Chronic & Acute Pain | Cosmetic

Mental Health - including Post EMDR

Nadine is dedicated to creating a space where clients feel valued, heard and supported. Her
passion for Chinese Medicine began in her teenage years, finding relief from anxiety and
debilitating migraines with Acupuncture and Herbs. Her trust continues in her adult life as she
manages her chronic pain (Endometriosis and migraines) and mental health (PMDD) with
Chinese Medicine. Having her own lived experiences led her to open her own clinic space in
Abbotsford Convent where she treats these areas, along with menstrual health, PMDD, pelvic
pain, cycle regulation and perimenopause.

After supporting her sister through pregnancy and the incredible experience of assisting in the
births of her niece and nephew, her interest in female reproductive health deepened. She now
relishes supporting fertility, pregnancy and postnatal care. As an LGBTQI+ woman, Nadine
loves supporting queer families.

Nadine has seen great results providing treatments for clients who have undergone EMDR
(Trauma Processing). EMDR integration with acupuncture can address both the psychological
and physical aspects of healing. This approach enhances emotional regulation, reduces somatic
symptoms and promotes overall well-being, leading to more comprehensive and sustained

In addition to chronic pain, reproductive and emotional health, Nadine offers cosmetic
acu-facials, combining facial and body needling with facial cupping and gua sha to promote
collagen production and increase skin's natural vitality.

Nadine balances the ancient practices of Chinese Medicine with modern science, sharing
insights from her mentorships, education and life experiences. Nadine is an avid
reader/researcher/listener and will always share her resources with you! Whilst encouraging
clients to pursue what truly makes them light up, fostering lasting positive changes tailored to
each individual's needs.

Professional Association

  • CMBA: Chinese Medicine Board of Australia
  • ATMS: Australian Traditional Medicine Society
  •  AHRPRA registered


Monday 9-2pm