Getting Back Into Your Healthy Groove In The New Year – Anna McMullen BHSc CM

The start of a new year brings with it the energy of fresh starts and new beginnings. As the previous year draws to a close and we enter the new year, we often make promises to ourself, resolutions, for changes we want in our life.


Unfortunately, not everyone is able to stick to these resolutions at all times! Particularly at this time of year many people are still in relaxed, holiday mode. Often this means over-indulging in food or alcohol, skipping the gym and going to bed late or sleeping in.


This can create a bit of a stressful mind set! “Oh I haven’t been to the gym, yet again… looks like this year is going to be like every other”. It is not helpful, and also inaccurate.


Who cares if you haven’t stuck to those resolutions so far! Tomorrow is a new day. In fact, today is a new day! You have countless opportunities to make a healthier choice. You can start right now. Or you know, tomorrow.


This time of year has a great energy which really supports all those positive changes you want to achieve in your life. The key is, to not give up if you slip up. The key is, to pick it back up again after you slip. And to try not to berate yourself as you do. Negative self talk is the enemy of success. Be kind to yourself in the same way you would to a good friend and remind yourself kindly and with love the reasons you are wanting to make a change.


Remember each time you make a healthy choice, you are beginning to create new neural pathways. As you continue making healthy choices those neural pathways become stronger and stronger. You are literally hard wiring your brain to choose a healthier way of being. It does become easier with time, all you need to do is go for it and pick it up again if you do happen to slip.

Getting Back Into Your Healthy Groove In The New Year - Anna McMullen BHSc CM 3

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