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Summer – Understanding a TCM perspective. By Scott Stephens, Acupuncturist

Summer is on its way. The lengthening of the late afternoon sunlight and the warmth in the morning air signalling it’s approach. The days are full of the pre-Christmas hustle. The buzz of social activities and a sense of celebration gives fuel to the upbeat Yang dynamic that marks this next change of season. It’s easy […]

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Chinese Face Reading

Chinese Face Reading by Andrea Murphy, Registered Acpuncturist

 Chinese Face Reading: An Ancient Guide to Your Skin Face reading is an ancient Chinese technique that goes back thousands of years. Originally a Taoist practice that involved assessing a person’s Qi flow (life force), Jing (inherited constitution/DNA) and Shen (spirit), known as the Three Treasures. Along with palpation, pulse, tongue and smell ancient practitioners were […]

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Thyroid Disease – The Functional Approach. By Dr Catherine Brown, Dr of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncturist

 Thyroid disease can be incredibly confusing and frustrating, especially when you’re trying to figure out the best step-by-step action plan that will work best for you.-Should you eat Paleo, Keto, or AIP?-Is intermittent fasting a good idea?-Where do I start?-How do I know what’s best for my body and will get me the results I’m […]

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Neck Pain – How, Why and What You Can Do – by Scott Stephens, Acupuncturist

I would hazard a guess that most readers of this blog have experienced neck pain. Neck pain is a common hindrance amongst the general population and a regular complaint that crops up time and time again in clinic. For most people the experience of neck pain is sudden and acute and resolves effectively with treatment […]

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Reasons for a Late Period that don’t mean you’re Pregnant – by Andrea Murphy, Licensed Acupuncturist

Nearly every woman has had a time in her life where she’s been waiting on the edge of her seat for her period to show up. Occasionally this delay causes a gal to pee on a few sticks, while she wonders if her life is about to change forever, only to very anti-climactically get her […]

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