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Acupressure for Birth – When to Step in and When to Knit – by Kerry Marshall Registered Acupuncturist

I was living in London and newly trained as an acupuncturist. A colleague asked me to attend the birth of her twins and to bring my needles.  I had already been a support person for a couple of friends first babies and loved the experience.  With a combination of pins and acupressure I was able […]

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Alcohol around conception and pregnancy – Simon Altman

Alcohol around conception and pregnancy At Mornington Chinese Medicine we have numerous lifestyle recommendations for the time when you are trying to conceive and also maintain optimal health.  One of those recommendations for men or women is to totally cut out alcohol.  This can sometimes be the most difficult step for some individuals, but the […]

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Reasons for a Late Period that don’t mean you’re Pregnant – by Andrea Murphy, Licensed Acupuncturist

Nearly every woman has had a time in her life where she’s been waiting on the edge of her seat for her period to show up. Occasionally this delay causes a gal to pee on a few sticks, while she wonders if her life is about to change forever, only to very anti-climactically get her […]

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The lie most, if not all of my fertility patients have been sold…. by Cath Brown – Dr of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncturist

The egg timer test, as its commonly touted & even promoted by IVF clinics & Fertility specialists to my dismay is accurately named the Anti-Mullerian Hormone test or AMH. To understand this test further lets understand your ovarian function first. An ovarian follicle is a fluid-filled sac that contains an immature egg, or oocyte. During […]

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Delving into your birth story – Kerry Marshall, licensed Acupuncturist & Doula

Delving into birth stories.   I have listened to many birth stories in my treatment room, in women’s circles and on sofas with cups of tea.  I love all the details, hearing about the twists and turns, the pain and determination, the trauma, the awe, disappointments and joy. Your birth story becomes part of who […]

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We’ve got you Mumma; supporting your whole pregnancy journey – Cath Brown, Doctor of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncturist

How Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture supports you through pre-conception, pregnancy, labour preparation & postpartum care.   If you have been trying to conceive for 6 – 12 months without success and you partner’s sperm has been thoroughly assessed and passed with flying colours; which by the way is an increasingly rare occurrence, you maybe starting […]

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